This is what prompted Fox to take Dark Angel offline in season 2.

Created by James Cameron and Charles H. Eglee, Dark Angel debuted with many promises in the 2000s as the dystopian sci-fi series followed Cameron’s massive success. Titanic. Despite strong viewership ratings in its first season, Dark Angel got the ax after season 2, following a 90-minute season finale directed by Cameron, which marked his last directing project until Avatar. This is why.

Dark Angel released on October 3, 20000, with a two-part episode that had a budget of around $ 10 million, which was accompanied by a lot of marketing from the Fox network. Later episodes were supposed to have a lower budget, however, Eglee said to Sun diary in 2001 that the first season was “routinely overbudgeted.” When quoted in the same article, Cameron claimed that these issues would not be a major concern for the studio, adding that the final seven episodes of season 1 were under budget.

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According to John Muir in The encyclopedia of superheroes in film and television, Dark Angel it was given “just” a second season, which had an allotted budget of $ 1.3 million per episode. Then Dark AngelWhen the cancellation was finalized, Cameron finally alluded to the series’ financial troubles; claiming that Fox cut the show due to declining advertising revenue. “All of their annual income was down by two-thirds of what it had been. They didn’t know how to cope. It’s not like they took away a cheaper show from us and put on our place. It was just an instinct, ‘Try whatever! ‘ “Cameron was quoted in Science fiction television series: 1990-2004: stories, casts and credits of 58 programs.

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After its first season, Dark Angel moved from its original Tuesday night at 9pm to Friday nights at 8pm This infamous “death time” usually results in low ratings for many TV shows, which are usually canceled afterwards moving on to Friday nights.

For a show on an expensive budget like Dark Angel, a Friday night time slot is especially deadly due to a sharp drop in advertising revenue. Since most advertisers believe that the 18-49 age group avoids television to enjoy their weekends away from home, less money is spent on advertising. These factors correspond to Cameron’s claims that the program was canceled due to low revenue profitability, however, Dark AngelThe switch to Friday nights also resulted in low ratings.

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While Dark AngelThe premiere debuted with 17.4 million viewers, its second season garnering about six million views per episode after moving to Friday nights. Although those numbers would be considered successful today, in the early 2000s these returns were abysmal.

Cameron insisted that the show would continue after he directed the 90-minute finale of season 2. However, Fox ultimately decided to pull the plug on a possible third season. Story ideas for a planned season 3 finally came to fruition After dark, the third book in Dark Angelnovelized series.

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