The Emperor’s New Rhythm It’s one of those Disney movies that is better known for its memes than its story (or anything else). And yet it seems that this cartoon is now considered highly underrated for both its unique humor and memorable characters, and is seen as one of the most beloved Disney films by adults.

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In fact, the humor in The Emperor’s New Rhythm it’s one of the best things you have. The jokes never fail and instead make the story incredibly dynamic. Also, many of these quotes are likely to be remembered for both humor and context.

10 “Let’s take a look. I hate your hair. Not likely. Ow! Ow! Ow! And let me guess, you have a great personality.”

Kuzco choosing girlfriend in Emperor's New Groove

At the center of the story is Kuzco’s transformation from an arrogant and spoiled young man to a conscious ruler. Obviously, one of his introductory scenes shows how terrible his attitude is to those around him.

In a scene where he must choose a bride for himself, Kuzco walks through the young women in line and comments on their appearance. It is a funny joke that has a lot of truth and at the same time perfectly illustrates what kind of person Kuzco is.

9 “Blessed are you for going out in public.”

Kill by taking an order at Emperor's New Groove

At one point, in order to hide from Yzma and Kronk, the llama Kuzco has to dress up as a lady and pretend to be Patcha’s date at the local restaurant they visit. What follows is one of the best sequences in the entire movie.

Pacha tells the waitress that they are on their honeymoon to which the waitress replies: “Blessed are you for going out in public.” It’s a moment where you’ll blink and miss it, but it’s actually hilarious and refers to the fact that the waitress realized that Kuzco isn’t really a woman and instead thought he was a man dressed as a transvestite. .

8 “Don’t tell me: we are about to go through a huge waterfall.”

Kuzco and Pacha tangled in Emperor's New Groove

As a result of their constant struggles, Kuzco calls her and Patcha ends up entangled and tied to a tree branch floating downstream. Pacha lets out a worried “uh-oh” to which Kuzco begins to ask him about a huge waterfall with sharp rocks in the background.

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It’s not the funnest round trip they have, but it’s one of those brief moments that shows how much Kuzco and Pacha really understand each other.

7 “Squeaky, squeaky, squeaky, squeaky.”

Kronk talking to a squirrel in Emperor's New Groove

Although most of the memorable quotes in the movie belong to the main characters, some supporting characters also have their time to shine.

For example, Kronk is absolutely adorable as he talks to the squirrel that he and Yzma meet while chasing Kuzco and Pacha. The squirrel tells Kronk the whereabouts of “the talking flame”, but clearly shows his mistrust that Yzma will humiliate her by making her walk away while the squirrel talks to Kronk.

6 “Boom, baby!”

Kuzco enters the room at Emperor's New Groove

A discussion of the best lines in this movie wouldn’t be complete without one of Kuzco’s most iconic lines. After the opening song about Kuzco, he walks into a room kicking the door with his leg and yelling, “Boom, baby!”

He doesn’t seem to be addressing anyone with the phrase, but it is a quote that stands out because it also refers to his attention-seeking personality.

5 “You really should have thought of that before becoming a peasant!”

Kuzco looking at Yzma next to the throne in Emperor's New Groove

Before being fired, Yzma serves as Kuzco’s advisor, but she also secretly enjoys sitting on the throne and doing some of Kuzco’s chores herself. However, he is still quite ignorant, similar to how Kuzco is self-centered.

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When a farmer tells Yzma that her family has no food, she responds by saying that she doesn’t care if they have food. Also, they should have thought about it before becoming peasants. That has the same feeling as the famous (supposed) Marie Antoinette quote, “Let them eat cake!”

4 “Not delicate.”

Kuzco pointing at something in Emperor's New Groove

Another of Kuzco’s notorious quotes, this one further reflects his personality. As a child, Kuzco came from a wealthy family and was cared for in every possible way. If he wanted a doll, he had a dozen dolls. Naturally, he grew up to be a person who corresponded to such upbringing.

That’s why this phrase (which refers to Kuzco not wanting to be touched) makes perfect sense. Fortunately, at the end of the movie he turns into a completely different person.

3 “A llama? It’s supposed to be dead!”

Yzma and Kronk see the flame Kuzco in Emperor's New Groove

One of the things that made Yzma so iconic is that she was voiced by none other than Eartha Kitt, who many people know best as one of the women who played Catwoman in the 1960s. bat Man T.V. series. His voice made Yzma sound like no other animated character.

That is why so many viewers can literally hear your voice when reading the quote. It’s something Yzma exclaims after trying to poison and kill Kuzco. Instead, it turns into a flame.

two “Wrong lever!”

Yzma and Kronk on their way to the secret lab in Emperor's New Groove

Yzma had a lot of interesting lines in the movie, but the one that sticks with a lot of fans is from a scene where she and Kronk are about to enter the secret lab.

While they are near the entrance, Yzma says, “Pull the lever, Kronk!” Kronk does, a door opens under Yzma and she falls into a well screaming that it was the wrong lever. A moment later, she returns with a crocodile biting her dress. She slaps the crocodile and complains, “Why do we have that lever?”

1 -Oh sure. The poison. The poison for Kuzco, the poison specially chosen to kill Kuzco, the poison for Kuzco. That poison?

Yzma and Kronk speaking at Emperor's New Groove

Kronk is not only known for his squirrel language skills, but also for his simple words when he speaks. He’s arguably not the brightest person out there, but he’s still lovable due to the enthusiasm with which he approaches just about anything.

So when Yzma asks him about the poison for Kuzco, Kronk can’t help but mutter about it, excited to participate even if it means killing his ruler.

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