Paolo Baron and Ernesto Carbonetti’s Image graphic novel Jims Lives asks: what if Jim Morrison’s conspiracy theory was true?

The independent graphic novel Jim Lives: The Doors and the 27 Club Lead Singer Mystery question: what if the conspiracy theory that Jim Morrison lived was it true? The Image Comics title will be a piece of speculative fiction about the rock star’s alleged death. The graphic novel brings together the writer Paolo Baron with the artist and colorist Ernesto Carbonetti as a creative team.

Jim lives It will be the second book in an independent trilogy of graphic novels by Baron and Carbonetti. Your previous title, Paul is dead, centered on the death of Paul McCartney and his fellow Beatles members in search of answers. Both graphic novels are part of Image Comics’ impressive line of titles, including Nocterra—that has been called “the most unique apocalypse in decades” –and the horror anthology Ice cream maker.

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Image comics I would be releasing Jim Lives: The Doors and the 27 Club Lead Singer Mystery before the 50th anniversary of Morrison’s death. The story takes place after the apparent death of Jim Morrison. A man is looking for his son, a reporter for an American newspaper, whose last message read: Jim Morrison is not dead. It hides in Italy. I saw it with my own eyes “. Comic book stores will have the graphic novel available on June 16, 2021, while bookstores will begin selling it on June 22, 2021.

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Jim Lives cover

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This graphic novel appears to be taking a reverse approach to Paul is dead graphic novel. Rather than the characters trying to unravel the mystery behind McCartney’s death, these characters are trying to confirm whether Jim Morrison is still alive. There have certainly been other comics that take a look at the Club 27 legend, which is a list of famous people who died at the age of 27, sparking a host of conspiracy theories around these people and the number 27. Jim Morrison has also been portrayed in the media, such as when Val Kilmer played the rocker in The doors, an initially hated casting choice that turned into a beloved performance.

Jim Morrison and The Doors as a whole have been pivotal figures in music history and have appeared in numerous movies and television shows, including The missing child. This influence is explored in another upcoming graphic novel, Morrison Hotel, which will be released by Z2 Comics in May (previously it was going to be an October 2020 release, but appears to have been postponed until May 2021). It will be an adaptation based on the fifth album of the same name by The Doors due out this October. However, unlike Image Comics’ standalone book, Morrison Hotel We will take a look at The Doors as a whole and the importance of the band in the counterculture movement, as well as its influence on artists. It will also focus on the changing times between the 60s and 70s. It will be interesting to see how these two graphic novels present the legacy of Jim Morrison and The Doors through their own unique approaches and attempt to forge a bit of history for themselves.

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