There are many different things that players can do when playing Prey. This guide shows players the best things to do after winning the game.

One of the most interesting horror games to come out in recent years, Dam, has been added to Xbox Games Pass along with many other games in Bethesda’s order book. Dam Tasks players to explore a space station called Talos I that has been infested with a wide range of monstrous creatures. Those who have not had a chance to see this game now have a chance to experience it for the first time.

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Dam provides players with many different interesting experiences, but eventually, the game’s story will come to an end. When the game has concluded, there are still quite a few things left for the player to explore and discover all over the world. Those who want to see everything Dam secrets and each of the fun missions that are hidden. This guide shows players the best things to do after finishing Dam.

Prey: The best thing to do after finishing the game

The best Prey sci-fi and horror games

Try to get all three endings: One thing that is very important to keep in mind in Dam is that the game has a few different endings that can take place depending on how the player acted during the course of the game. If the player saved certain characters or condemned others, they may end up determining their fate in the final moments of the game. Restarting the game and trying to see one of the other endings can be very rewarding.

Try New Game Plus – Those who want to see one of the other endings of the game may want to go ahead and see Dam New Game Plus mode. This allows them to restart from the beginning of the game, but they retain all of their abilities and weapons that were collected during the game’s run. All the player has to do is head to their office after the intro of the game to collect all their gear.

Acquire all neuromods – If the player wants to become an unstoppable killing machine, he can try to collect as many Neuromods as physically possible. With these Neuromods in hand, the player can attempt to maximize their skill trees, which will make them incredibly powerful.

Take a new skill tree path – If you repeat the game again, players should definitely try taking a different path through their skill trees. This is especially true if they spent more points the first time on the human or alien skill trees. Focusing more time on the other can do Dam in almost a completely new game.

Take a look at Prey: Mooncrash – If players have run out of content for the base game, they can always go check out the DLC for Dam, Mooncrash. This DLC is more of a roguelike type game in which players take control of several different characters trying to escape from a space station. Those who are fans of Dam you will have fun with this DLC.

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Dam can be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One. and PC.

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