Spider-Man and Boomerang were once enemies, but are now roommates and best friends with a common enemy in Wilson Fisk.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for recent issues of Amazing Spider-Man by Nick Spencer, Patrick Gleason, Edgar Delgado, and VC’s Joe Caramagna, out now.

Spider-Man’s battles with the deadly supernatural threats Sin-Eater and Kindred disrupted both his life and his ongoing story in Amazing spider man. One minute, Spider-Man was running around New York with his new best friend and roommate, Boomerang, searching for Lifeline Tablet parts, and the next minute, the Kindred had Spider-Man trapped in an endless cycle of death and resurrection. , with Boomerang. out of sight.

Now that Kindred is out of the picture, Spider-Man can go back to what he was dealing with before, namely living with a former supervillain and trying to protect pieces of a mystical tablet before Wilson Fisk can get his hands on it.

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Spider-Man Boomerang roommates

Boomerang is a Spider-Man villain who has been around since 1966 when he made his debut in Stories to amaze # 81 of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby as the Hulk villain. However, things have changed in his life recently. It all started in 2018 Amazing spider man # 6 by Spencer and Humberto Ramos. After Boomerang aided the heroic resistance of heroes to fight Hydra in Secret empire, he was able to obtain forgiveness for all his crimes. And then he did the unthinkable and became a roommate with Peter Parker and Randy Robertson. This was great for Fred Myers but troublesome for Spider-Man, who still didn’t trust him.

Boomerang and Spider-Man became best friends, especially when Fred took Peter to The Bar With No Name, where supervillains hang out. It was Trivial Pursuit night and Spider-Man was the theme. Peter helped them win the contest and the money, but then they found themselves running for their lives when Wilson Fisk put a bounty on the former villain’s head. When Boomerang took a blast intended for Peter, Spider-Man realized that his roommate was really trying to lead a different life.

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Boomerang protects Spider-Man

Boomerang was always high on the Kingpin hit chart. In Amazing spider man # 41 of Spencer and Ryan Ottley, the ex-criminal explained how he ended up at the top of the list. Gus Mapleton worked for New York City for more than 50 years, and his job was to catalog mystical artifacts. He also knew that he had to keep them from Wilson Fisk when he became mayor. He had a spell given to him by Doctor Strange, and he transferred the knowledge of each of the Lifeline Table pieces to Boomerang for protection. Spider-Man had a soft spot for Boomerang and helped him find and collect the pieces to protect them.

Spider-Man and Boomerang got most of the pieces and eventually picked up a new pet in Gog, the keeper of the final piece of the Lifeline Tablet. In the last issue, Peter and Fred returned to playing video games and wondering how they would pay the rent since Fred is currently unemployed. They also enjoyed their new pet, even though Gog continued to eat through electrical wires. Now, Kingpin is tired of waiting. He wants the Lifeline tablet to retrieve his dead wife, Vanessa, and knows that he needs Boomerang to obtain the tablet parts, putting Spider-Man and his new best friend in the crosshairs of the ruthless villain.

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