Doctor Strange has had some gross psychedelic adventures, but nothing was more gross than his fight against Dormammu in Ultimatum.

Strange doctor He’s no stranger (pun intended) to having dark and twisted adventures that have featured some of the weirdest, grossest, and most psychedelic moments in Marvel Comics history. However, how the Sorcerer Supreme meets his end in the much-maligned Ultimatum The story was so disgusting that there was a near 100% chance that the Marvel Cinematic Universe would never consider adapting it to the big screen.

One of Marvel’s most controversial stories was from 2009. Ultimatum. Widely regarded as one of the worst comics of all time, the story written by Jeph Loeb was often haunting without really having anything to say, while being filled with nervous and violent moments that were included for shock value only. Infamously, the the story features disgusting scenes such as Blob eating the Wasp, Giant-Man eating Blob’s head, and Magneto brutally killing Professor X while also completely destroying Manhattan (and murdering millions of innocent people, including various heroes). Perhaps the most disgusting moment in the entire miniseries was the fate of Doctor Strange, who met his end in a nauseating way.

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In Ultimatum # 4, Hulk levels the Sanctum Santorum, which leads to the liberation of Dormammu, who breaks through the walls of the Dark Dimension. The villain traps and seizes the power of the Human Torch and confronts Strange, who arrogantly believes that he can defeat his longtime adversary with ease. However, things don’t go according to plan, as Dormmamu calls him “sheep in wolf’s clothing …” while wrapping him in his own sash. Dormammu ties the band so tightly around Doctor Strange that his face turns red and his head explodes from the pressure. the the scene is extremely messy.

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Strange’s death is so repulsive and disgusting, it feels like it belongs to Boys, not on the pages of Marvel Comics. In this case, Strange’s head popping like a balloon was another moment in the Ultimatum story that felt like Loeb’s attempt to shock the audience with the death of an Avenger in an extremely disturbing way.

It is highly doubtful that the Marvel Cinematic Universe will ever touch on any major history of Ultimatum, since it’s a low point for comics, even as they take the Doctor Strange stories in a darker direction on the big screen. The MCU has already made a great Doctor Strange / Dormmamu scene in the Dark Dimension, so even if they were interested in adapting the gruesome story, which is extremely dubious, it would feel somewhat redundant. Ultimatum represented a low point for many characters and Marvel Comics as a whole, with Strange doctor death is unnecessarily rude for the sake of being rude. Like most of the UltimatumStrange’s disappearance was disgusting and is best left in the past.

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