Cary Fukunaga’s next James Bond adventure, No Time To Die, should have honored the director’s wild twist that subverts the ending of Specter.

First-time James Bond director Cary Fukunaga will bring a fresh flair to the series with his upcoming No time to die, but this exit should have stuck to the original idea of ​​the director. Superspy James Bond has gone through 24 on-screen adventures to date (if viewers only include the official films), and returning star Daniel Craig is about to turn 25 with his last appearance in the next film (often delayed). No time to die.

From the origin story of 2006 Royal CasinoCraig has reinvented the role of 007 as a darker, more entrenched Bond, but despite some uneven movie offerings, the actor has consistently earned accolades for his stoic portrayal of the character. Some of the Craig’s Bond movies, like Quantum of Solace They’ve garnered less-than-stellar reviews, but their haunting characterization has nonetheless accomplished the impressive feat of illustrating a much-needed backstory for 007, where most previous films avoided telling viewers too much about Bond as a person.

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Of course, not all the additions to the Bond backstory have worked perfectly. Some viewers found the revelation that Bond and his arch nemesis Blofeld were foster brothers in Spectrum a bridge too far, which is understandable given the fact that Bond’s most famous parody Austin powers achieved a similar revelation years earlier. However, Cary Fukunaga had an idea for a twist that would have worked perfectly as an ending to the Craig era, so it’s a shame his wild concept wasn’t quite so No time to die ended up using.

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Cary Fukunaga’s wild twist explained with no time to die

Blofeld Speaking To Bond Behind Glass Shield - Specter

No time to die is Fukunaga’s first Bond film, and with such a skilled new director at the helm, the next film could be a major stylistic change from Craig’s previous films. Where Golden eye Director Martin Campbell brought a confident style to Royal Casino, Sam Mendes made sure that the warm visual palette of both Skyfall Y Spectrum He remembered Sean Connery’s traditional Bond outings. Fukunaga, more experimental and inventive, made it clear from the moment he was hired that he wanted to direct a different take and his No time to die The plan included a twist that returned viewers to the action of the previous film.

Fukunaga related his original No time to die to Miranda July in a 2020 chat for Interview Magazine: “There is this scene [in Spectre] where a needle sticks in James Bond’s head, which is supposed to make him forget everything, and then miraculously escapes by a clock bomb. “This is where the director wanted to get a little mind boggling, stating”I was like, ‘What if everything until the end of act two is inside his head?“It’s a wild and exciting prospect to imagine a Bond adventure that reveals that the entire climax of the previous films was just a hallucination, Jacob’s ladderr-style, as 007 succumbed to its dire circumstances.

Craig’s Bond movies focus on Bond’s humanity

Daniel Craig as James Bond in Skyfall

The last four films in the series have humanized Bond more than ever, and the natural extension of this increased focus on his state of mind is putting a movie on his mind the way Fukunaga wanted. The death of M by Judi Dench and her subsequent replacement in Skyfall It showed that Craig-era Bonds were open to recognizing the ever-changing faces of series regulars like Q, M, Miss Moneypenny, and even Bond himself. Meanwhile, the addition of the Bond story (with Craig’s character’s ancestral heritage giving Skyfall his title), made this 007 the first to have a clearly defined childhood, one that expanded into the divisive turn of Spectrum.

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This level of personal connection was never offered to previous Bonds, and the reveal of Fukunaga’s twist that No time to die Y Spectrum took place partially within his mind, it would have turned the character into an even more fallible and humane version of the usually super-skilled 007. It could also have opened the door to an unfiltered exploration of Bond’s inner mind, including how he he sees himself, his relationships and his failures.

James Bond meets the beginnings

For years, Bond fans have wanted a movie from the Christopher Nolan franchise. Nolan’s 2020 thriller Beginning It essentially encapsulated what such a movie would look like, without actually using the James Bond franchise, meaning the director is now less likely to be interested in an official 007 adventure, though only time will tell if this prediction is true. . However, Fukunaga’s proposed spin would have put a Bond-specific spin on Nolan’s own 2010 hit. Start, with the revelation of Bond’s status as an unreliable POV character making the story more cerebral, complicated, and weird. It might even have opened the door to some elements of psychological horror, with Bond’s dream state slowly crumbling as he realizes that he is still attached to Blofeld’s torture device, which would be a whole new tone for the series.

How no time to die can keep this spin

However, fans who wanted to see Fukunaga’s vision of Bond waking up from his reverence need not worry. The director appeared to hint during his interview with July that he or the franchise’s producers scoffed at this revelation during pre-production of No time to dieBut there are countless ways you could keep an element of Fukunaga’s proposed spin. On the one hand, the trailers of No time to die They’ve made it clear that Bond’s returning love interest Madeline Swann is hiding something huge, and this twist could be rejoined with a devastating reveal as extreme as showing that Swann didn’t even survive the events of Spectrum and it was just a figment of Bond’s imagination.

Alternatively, if the filmmakers want to make things a little safer, the incorporation of Fukunaga’s proposed twist could take on a form as subtle as a nightmare in which Bond “realizes” that he is still stuck at Blofeld’s. Spectrum den. Whether it’s a major plot point or a minor scene within the larger action, there are many ways No time to die can make use of the wild “James Bond lies An occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”Style reveal.

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  • No Time to Die / James Bond 25 (2021)Release Date: Oct 08, 2021

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