The Linearverse is a recent creation of DC Comics, a concept that debuted in Dark Nights: Death Metal # 7. After Crisis on Infinite Earths in 1985, The New 52 in 2011, then the Multiverse, the Linearverse is another way to tie the entire history of DC Comics together into a single continuity.

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No more Multiverse, Crises are annihilated and all retcons are nullified. All the stories and all the versions of the superheroes have existed on one Earth, in a single timeline. That is the basic concept of the Linearverse. It’s an idea with great potential to tap into DC Comics’ rich 82-year history.

10 The linear exists within the new omniverse

In Dark Nights: Death Metal Vol 1 7, (released March 2021), Wonder Woman and The Darkest Knight take their titanic battle to the foundations of time. In their battle, all their stories risk being lost, along with their Multiverse.

The Hands, creators of Multiverses for the larger Omniverse, decide that the Superhero Multiverse deserves a second chance, so the story is preserved and a new open future begins (apparently without Darkseid), with the Multiverse as part of the Omniverse. .

9 In the Linearverse, superheroes age differently

DC Linearverse Generations: Forged # 1

In Generations: Forged # 1, the original 1939 Action Comic Batman, New Earth’s Green Lantern / Sinestro, Earth-AD’s Kamandi, Earth-One’s Superboy, and assorted other characters come together to battle a villain who is erasing time.

As Waverider explains to Batman, in the Omniverse, there is a linear continuity of time, and in it, superheroes age very slowly. Batman from 1939 is the same Batman who is still fighting the Joker in 2021, and all his stories and stories are true in the present.

8 Some non-superheroes also age slowly … but not all

Jim Gordon Old Young

Generations: Forged # 1 co-writer Dan Jurgens spoke with Newsarama about Linearverse, describing it as, “a place that embraces a different concept of DC history.” Aside from superheroes, most ordinary mortals age in the usual way in the Linearverse … but not all.

“That’s not just true for superheroes,” he explained. “Commissioner Gordon, for example, would have the same status.” It is not clear where the line would be drawn. Would someone like Renee Montoya or Harvey Bullock also have the same slow aging qualities?

7 What happens on the linear stays on the linear

Lost timelines and stories that have been reconfigured are back, and there is unlimited potential for stories within the Linearverse. While Superman, Batman, and other regular comic series will take place in the Omniverse, in the future, the Linearverse will also contain its own stories.

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“It’s fair to say that what we build here, the Linearverse, is its own universe that can fit into the larger context of the DC Omniverse,” said DC writer Dan Jurgens, “It’s a place where you can tell some unique stories. and individual. “

6 No, the logic will never fit perfectly, but the concept is flexible

The Linearverse concept means adjusting some older stories. The 1987 classic Batman: Year OneFor example, set Bruce Wayne’s early years on a specific timeline other than the 1930s, but according to writer Jurgens, that’s flexible: “I did something reasonably close to Frank’s. Year one occur? I would like to think so, and it would have been in the 1930s, “he says.

“Will we still get to the point where The Dark Knight Returns happens? That is in the future, as Bruce has not yet reached that general age. “

5 The Linearverse story begins in 1939 with Batman

The first Batman comic

Detective Comics # 27 introduced Bruce Wayne / Batman to the world in May 1939, and that’s when the history of the Linearverse begins. As Batman battled Gotham’s enemies, he stayed young and over the decades encountered many other superheroes, including the Kryptonian Kal-El, who went from Superboy to Superman.

Other aliens arrived and the metahumans made themselves known. At the dawn of the 21st century, there are many superheroes on Earth, including Teen Titans and Booster Gold, who travel through time.

4 Aging is very individual

Superman in the Linearverse

The experience of growing old, or not growing old, appears to be specific to the individual in the Linearverse. During the 80 or so years between Batman’s first appearance in 1939 and today, he appears to have aged barely a decade.

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Kal-El, who is essentially immortal, ages from a baby to a Superboy to an adult Superman for a shorter period of time. Dick Grayson went from being a child to the age of a young adult, but stopped at that age range.

3 The great disaster and the future of linear Earth

Buddy Blank as OMAC - Jack Kirby 1974

Some time after the end of the 20th and 25th centuries, humanity suffers a decline. Something called The Great Disaster occurs, destroying civilization. Humans become primitive and animals develop and evolve.

In the future, the Global Peace Agency, a benevolent alien group, goes back in time and turns mild-mannered factory worker Buddy Blank into OMAC (One Man Army Corps), based on a character created by Jack Kirby in 1974. , to try and stop the mess, but it doesn’t work. Kamadi comes from this future as one of the few sentient human beings left.

two The 31st century is the time of the united planets and the legion of superheroes

Legion of superheroes DC

In the 25th century, the human race has recovered and rebuilt a high-tech society. Booster Gold comes from this time period. In the 31st century, Earth was part of the United Planets system. The Legion of Super-Heroes of the 31st century has existed in comics since 1958. That is the future world of the Linearverse.

Superboy is part of the Legion (along with Brainiac, Saturn Girl, and others), and often flies back and forth between the 31st and 20th centuries to help his friends in the JL fight their own villains.

1 Old stories return, but with a different perspective

Forged DC Generations

The Linearverse imposes a simple perspective on all the multiple stories and timelines of DC canon. But, when bringing back ancient characters and superhero groups like the Legion of Superheroes or Booster Gold, it is important to note that those same characters are now in the current day of the Linearverse.

Their own attitudes and perspectives on events have changed. Your memories may be different or they may have evolved over the decades. In other words, recovering old characters and settings will not bring the same stories. The future is wide open.

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