Big Ed isn’t living alone in 90 Day: The Single Life. The reality star revealed in an exclusive interview why her elderly mother is her new roommate.

Although he has partied in Florida with several younger women over the past week, “Big Ed” Brown’s life situation is often quite different. the 90 day fiancé The franchise star currently resides in San Diego with his 82-year-old mother as his roommate. Meanwhile, the 55-year-old is also looking for love on the Discovery + show. 90 days: the single life. While some would think that living with one’s mother wouldn’t be the best setting for dating, Big Ed revealed in an exclusive interview with Screen Rant why his mother is his roommate.

Big Ed Brown has been sharing dozens of snapshots from his trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida this past week. The 55-year-old has been photographed with many younger women, which he has expressed as his dating preference. The San Diego native was recently rejected by Liz in Single life after he went to kiss her without her permission. The disastrous clip drew criticism from fans, but Big Ed appears to be undisturbed while having fun in Florida. Despite the ongoing pandemic, the 55-year-old appears maskless and carefree while having fun with many women. However, his home life presents his elderly mother as his life partner.

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While critics have judged Big Ed for living with his mother, he is actually taking care of his beloved mother. Last year, the 82-year-old lost the house she lived in after the family that owned it sold it. Then her boyfriend passed away and she was hit by a car and required back surgery last October. Big Ed took the opportunity to lead his mother to follow the many tragedies she experienced. “I’ve been quite selfish the last probably 20 years living alone. I knew this day would come and I would be the one ” he said. “The moment I found out he was losing his home, I found some kind of nice two-bedroom bungalow, fixed up the patio, and put in a hot tub and a fire pit. ” He explained.

Big Ed's 90 Day Fiancé

Big Ed said he likes living with his mother. “It feels really, really good,” he said. “My mom is such a generous person. She raised six of us children. She and my dad made sure we had everything we needed, not necessarily what we wanted.“Since his brothers and sisters are married and scattered across the country, he said he knew it was his responsibility to step up and be there for his loving mother. While Big Ed made the move to support his elderly woman. mother added that having her as a roommate comes with benefits. She no longer has to fold her own clothes, plus her mother contributes to the kitchen. These benefits are just an added bonus of knowing that her mother is taken care of.

Although Big Ed is not used to having a roommate, he said that living with his mother is an ideal situation. “I couldn’t be happier to be the son I want to be to my mom at this stage of my life.“He said. The 55-year-old added that his mother is now 82, and wants her to enjoy the rest of her life without worrying about finances or her living situation. The freedom to live with her son has allowed her to dedicate herself. to oil paint and draw, while Teddy the dog is a loyal companion. Although not everyone would want to live with his mother while they are dating, Big Ed says she is very supportive of his love life. Hair and dating older women, Big Ed said that won’t happen anytime soon. Big Ed’s search for love continues in new episodes of 90 days: the single life on Discovery +.

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