In Marvel Comics’ new Alien series, a separated father and son can get back together thanks to the terror of the Xenomorphs.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Alien # 1

Marvel Comics has just released the first issue of their new Alien series, and it seems as if the terror of the Xenomorphs will soon become a family affair. The new Marvel series, set in the classic sci-fi franchise universe, centers on Gabriel Cruz, a recently retired defense agent from the Weyland-Yutani corporation. However, he is also the survivor of a terrible Xenomorph attack, which saw many of his fellow agents slaughtered by deadly predators. Now, Cruz has returned to Earth, although his son Danny appears to be experiencing his own xenomorphic trauma in the present.

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At the beginning of the issue, Gabe shares some of his past Xenomorph traumas with an android model of Bishop, created to offer counseling as a therapy unit. He then attends his farewell party, just before being sent back to Earth to supposedly live a happy retirement. Gabe also hopes to reconnect with his adult son Danny, as the two have been apart for a long time due to Gabe’s time away and work for Weyland-Yutani, so much so that Danny has become a member of a group of corporate anti-activists. Combined with Gabe’s lasting trauma from the Xenomorphs, reuniting with his son doesn’t work out that well.

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Additionally, Danny stole Weyland-Yutani’s data and his father’s access codes, using them to bring him and his group to Epsilon Station in Alien # 1 by the writer Phillip Kenndy Johnson with art by Salvador Larroca. While they waited to blow up what they thought were going to be cyber warfare programs and secret server farms, they found a Weyland-Yutani biological lab instead, and the company has been dangerously experimenting and testing with the Xenomorph species. Inevitably the test subjects are released and Danny may very well have his own xenomorphic trauma just like his father (should he survive).


It seems like Marvel is new Alien The series may very well lead to Gabe and Danny reuniting in the face of the horror of the Xenomorph species. While Gabe may learn that his beloved company is not as pure and good as he thought, Danny may come to understand everything his father went through in the past. While this is all just speculation at this point, it seems likely. The fact that separated father and son came together to survive would certainly be an interesting dynamic for Phillip Kennedy Johnson.

In any case, the new Marvel Comics Alien The series is off to an equally engaging and terrifying start, beginning a dark corporate espionage mystery that also has the personal touch of Gabe and Danny’s broken relationship. We hope Danny can survive his encounter with the deadliest creatures in space long enough for his father to rescue him from the Xenomorphs in future issues of Marvel Comics.

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