Nintendo’s Animal Crossing X Sanrio amiibo card bundle sold out at Target just minutes after its release, in part because of resellers buying the product.

From Nintendo Animal Crossing: New Horizons The Sanrio amiibo card bundle went on sale exclusively at Target on Friday, March 26, but the Hello Kitty-themed DLC sold out almost instantly, leaving many empty-handed and disappointed. Gamers are upset and rightly so, as it appears that Nintendo has once again led gamers straight into the greedy hands of online resellers.

the Animal crossing x Sanrio amiibo cards include six characters inspired by Sanrio characters: Rilla, Marty, √Čtoile, Chai, Chelsea, and Toby. Each character card in the pack can be scanned on Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite Joy-Cons to unlock characters on Animal Crossing: New Horizonsas well as their own sets of Sanrio character-themed game items such as Hello Kitty and Little Twin Stars. Having been first introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, each character also comes with their own in-game poster, which can be purchased from the Nook Shopping app at New Horizons. The Sanrio card bundle launched in Japan in 2016, but it didn’t arrive in the United States until Nintendo announced the Animal crossing x Exclusive to Sanrio Target earlier this year.

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Fans waited months to finally get their hands on the amiibo. Animal crossing Sanrio Collaboration Package, but unfortunately some seem unable to purchase. Within minutes of the sale going live on Friday, Aim out of stock. Many of those who tried to purchase the Sanrio card pack reported receiving out-of-stock error messages seemingly within seconds of the product hitting online shelves. Resellers and their online store bots certainly contributed to the problem, as eBay already has listings for the Sanrio card bundle at significantly higher prices.

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Resellers have always been a problem in games, but never more so than in the last few months. Customers who have tried to buy an Xbox Series X / S or PlayStation 5 will know that resellers have been buying the consoles and selling them online at absurdly high prices since November. Beyond that, many game franchises like Super Mario Y Pokemon They’ve celebrated anniversaries with limited-edition product launches last year, only for resellers to immediately buy most of the products before ordinary people can react. Last month, McDonald’s ran a Pokemon promotion of cards with their Happy Meals to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the franchise. A promotion aimed at excited kids was quickly ruined by resellers, who bought untold numbers of Happy Meals and made an undeserved profit on kids’ business cards.

Target is out of stock Animal crossing The Sanrio amiibo pack was frustrating for gamers who woke up in the wee hours of the morning only to find that, once again, they couldn’t get their hands on a new game item. It’s currently unclear if Target and Nintendo will release another batch, but the onus falls on the latter for having produced such a meager number of card packs from scratch. Those still determined to legitimately get their collaboration packs from Sanrio should keep an eye out for the restock announcements, but you won’t be surprised if some decide to remove Nintendo, Target, and the resellers from the image and make yours Animal crossing amiibo cards instead of.

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