Black Clover chapter 286 proves that no bond is stronger than family … unless that bond is tied to a supreme demon from the underworld.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Black clover Chapter # 286, “A Night Without Tomorrow,” by Yuki Tabata, Taylor Engel and Annaliese “Ace” Christman, now available in English from Viz Media.

Nacht and Morgen’s story continues to darken after Chapter 286, “A Night Without Tomorrow”, by Black clover reveals his family’s darkest secret. The House of Faust has set out to study and incorporate the power of demons into their dark magic to manifest diabolical unions in the human world. But Morgen was never in a position to be the heir to the family, since he became a Magic Knight and his magic actually had a slight affinity.

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Nacht, however, was presented with the perfect opportunity to follow his dark curiosity to its fullest extent, at a high cost. The chapter ends with Morgen’s death, but Nacht’s love for his brother is the deciding factor in preventing Morgen’s untimely death. Despite this, the Faust family’s involvement with demons still poses a greater threat to humanity, along with the hierarchy of the underworld.

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Studying devil magic is forbidden and extremely dangerous, but that did not stop the cult that formed the House of Faust. Royal families are essentially the pillars of society that hold all power, and their enduring strength is due to their wizards. The House of Faust must have been at the lower end of royal power and their apparent need to seek another method to acquire it proves this. His experimentation with devil magic provided a method for humans to create unions with lower-level demons, but ultimately led the Faustos to failure when it came time to summon a supreme demon.

Nacht’s wits were not taken lightly, so he was presented with the opportunity to summon the supreme demon Lucifugus. The fact that the ritual failed at Nacht not only shows how ill-prepared humans are to control demons, it also opens a window to Lucifugus’ true power. Lucifugus is a high-ranking demon who supports the rulers of the underworld, meaning that his overall power is greater than any demons the Faust family have encountered.

An interesting detail of the disastrous ritual is that Lucifugus was “contained” in a bracelet, but the accessory could be a catalyst to form a union with Lucifugus. It takes more than a union to summon truly powerful demons, but summoning Lucifugus might require a method similar to the one the Dark Triad used to form their diabolical unions.

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Nacht’s father also reveals that the underworld is ruled by three demons that control gravity, space, and time. Lucifero must be the user of gravity, which means that there are two other demons at least as strong as Lucifero. Given the fact that all demons are constantly fighting each other for superiority, it is hard to believe that there is a real ruling system for the underworld. This could cause a great problem to humanity: the world could become the battlefield of an imminent war between the ruling factions of the underworld.

As Lucifereo is accompanied by Megicula and the devil of Zenon, the other two ruling devils must have their own armies of devil soldiers. The House of Faust must have been trying to find a way to control and weaponize the overwhelming force of the demons, but they did not have enough knowledge to warn them of the calamity that the supreme demons are. It also wouldn’t be surprising if Lucifer was the weakest of the three ruling demons and needed an edge to become ruler of the underworld.

Since Morgen is currently alive and Nacht is missing, there could be some form of magic that uses the power of Light and Dark to prevent death. That could also be related to the Ritual of Qliphoth, which requires World Tree magic and Dark magic. Nacht’s magic is similar to Yami’s, and Vangeance’s Light magic can create life. All the research the Faust family has was likely done by Morris, and the combination of that with the rune spells created the necessary gateway for demons to thrive. The pieces slowly start to snap into place in Black cloverAnd unfortunately, it doesn’t look good for humanity.

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