Following recent allegations against a former Vlog Squad member, YouTube has chosen to temporarily stop showing ads on David Dobrik’s channels.

David Dobrik’s and Durte Dom’s Youtube The channels have been temporarily demonetized following recent allegations against former Vlog Squad member Dominykas Zeglaitis. Even though the allegations have only surfaced recently, the response from many has been swift and YouTube has also responded now in its own way, albeit temporarily for now.

David Dobrik is a YouTuber with millions of subscribers and creator of the Vlog Squad. A group that previously included Zeglaitis, also known as Durte Dom, emerged last week a report highlighting allegations of sexual assault against Zeglaitis and a “She shouldn’t have played with fireThat was uploaded to Dobrik’s channel before he was eliminated. Since the allegations first surfaced, Dobrik has posted two apology videos. While the former did not directly address the recent allegations, the latter is more direct and Dobrik apologizes for allowing and facilitating the situation.

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According to a statement provided to Well-informed person, the same outlet that first published the allegations, YouTube has confirmed that it has stopped showing ads on the Dobrik and Zeglaitis channels. Although the demonetization of these channels is only temporary for now, the statement provided by YouTube makes it clear that the decision was made in response to “allegations of sexual assault“And in line with the platform”strict policies prohibiting sexual harassment. “

Dobrik’s latest reaction

Dispo logo and app

YouTube, which has now temporarily demonetized Dobrik’s three main channels, is just the latest in a series of responses to the allegations against Zeglaitis. Shortly after the initial report came in, Dobrik turned away from Dispo. The disposable camera-themed app had become popular in recent months, but it was immediately met with a wave of negative reviews, many of which made direct reference to Dobrik. Investors in the disposable camera app have since ended their relationship and Dobrik has also walked away from Dispo. Likewise, advertisers have also been distancing themselves from Dobrik’s YouTube channels, as well as Vlog Squad in general.

In the most recent apology videoDobrik explained how the plan now is to move away from social media and upload new content to channels for a period of time. Explaining the hiatus, Dobrik says that time will be used to re-evaluate how the channels work and what kind of content will be uploaded to them in the future. Similar to the uncertainty of how long the monetization bans will remain in place, it is also unclear how long Dobrik plans to avoid uploading videos to YouTube.

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Source: Well-informed person, David Dobrik / YouTube

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