How I Met Your Mother is a relationship comedy, but Ted, Robin, Barney, Lily, and Marshall all have career goals, although some work a little harder.

Unlike other sitcoms in which work appears to be an afterthought, with a focus on family and romance, How i met your mother shows the main characters working on most of the episodes. Ted talks about architecture regularly, Robin dreams of finding success as a news anchor, Lily loves her art, and Marshall is passionate about the law. Even Barney, whose work is pretty vague, has a place to go every day.

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Fans are divided over the show’s final season, but whether viewers loved or hated those final episodes, one thing remains certain: The characters’ work lives are a big part of many stories. But which characters have the greatest desire to work hard?

6 Tracy McConnell

There are many elements of Ted and Tracy’s romance that stand out for fans, including the yellow umbrella that ties them together.

Not much is revealed about La Madre other than her love for Ted and his family, along with the devastating illness from which she passes away. Viewers learn that Tracy is a musician, and it seems that he has a great passion for his line of work, as he is a singer and bassist for a band called Superfreakonomics. However, the show doesn’t really focus on Tracy’s work or work ethic, which is why she ranks last. That makes sense since she is the reason for the show’s great tragedy and mystery.

5 Barney Stinson

While fans of How i met your mother You can tell that Barney works in the corporate world and seems to be doing quite well, the details can be confusing.

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Like fans of Friends I can’t remember Chandler’s work, there’s a joke on How i met your mother that nobody really knows anything about Barney’s career. He seems to enjoy being high up as he works at AltruCell Corporation and Goliath National Bank, and loves to dress smartly for work and wear suits everywhere. But since his friends don’t know much about his job, it doesn’t seem like Barney has the best work ethic. You are motivated by the amount of money you make rather than actually enjoying what you do every day. He also does some illegal things at work, which of course is a problem.

4 Lily aldrin

how i met your mother lily teaching kindergarten

Whether she’s a kindergarten teacher or art consultant, Lily never forgets her love of art.

Lily’s ambition causes her to move to California in the first season to become an artist. While this breaks Marshall’s heart and many fans hated her for this, she is trying to connect with her creative soul, and she just wants to make sure she doesn’t regret anything. Lily’s character is fascinating and relatable as she balances her marriage to Marshall and his family with her career. You may have a few different jobs during the run of the show, but you always do something related to art, which is important. If you had a worse work ethic, you would focus on other parts of your life, but you never want to stop working or doing things that make your heart sing.

3 Ted mosby

Ted is the voice of reason in How i met your mother and his work situation is interesting. While he fails a lot, he tries to work hard so he still has a good work ethic.

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It is not easy to become an architect as it involves years of education coupled with a true passion for the field. It could also involve internships and heavy lifting. Ted definitely has a great work ethic, as he owns his own company, and that would have taken him many hours to achieve. However, he is not always successful as he is fired from his jobs, even when he works for Goliath National Bank. He also struggles to make his company, Mosbius Designs, work. But even though Ted really has bad luck, he loves the industry and his failures are not due to lack of trying. It seems like Ted just needs one good, big opportunity so that he can finally find happiness and fulfillment as an architect.

two Robin scherbatsky

Robin is always looking for the stars in her television reporting career and by the end of the series, she has found success as a news anchor.

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Robin has the second best work ethic in the popular sitcom. Even when she is young and becomes pop singer Robin Sparkles, she shows that she takes the time to be successful. While you may look back on that time in your life with shame and regret, you were still too young to work that hard, and that’s something you should be proud of. Robin takes on a lot of random and horrible news anchor jobs because she’s trying to move up in the industry, and she thinks she can find success if she keeps trying. Robin never forgets what he wants and is always on the lookout for the prize.

1 Marshall eriksen

How i met your mother

Fans don’t love all of his stories, but Marshall has the best work ethic in How i met your mother. Besides the desire to earn money and be seen as a success, he is also motivated by his dreams and his morals.

When fans first meet this character, he is in law school at Columbia, which is not only a very competitive program to get into, but also requires a lot of work. Marshall wants to work in the field of environmental law, but because it is difficult to find work, he works at Goliath National Bank with Barney. You are willing to take a position you may not have planned because you want to work hard and do well, which shows how strong your love for the law is. In the series finale, fans saw that Marshall had become a judge in New York, which is what he always wanted. The fact that you can achieve this goal shows you have an amazing work ethic.

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