In Detective Comics # 1034, Damian Wayne finds himself at a crossroads and finally chooses who he wants to be: the heir to the demon or Robin.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for “Demon or Detective ?, Part Two”, a story by Detective comics # 1034, by ALW’s Joshua Williamson, Gleb Melnikov and Troy Peteri, on sale now.

At the beginning of DC’s “Infinite Frontier,” Damian Wayne found himself at a crossroads. In bat Man # 106, the first part of “Demon or detective?” In the story, Damian returned to his mother, seeking to once again claim his birthright as the Demon Heir. After having a fight with his father and his Teen Titans teammates, Damian stopped being Robin and was now ready to once again join Talia Al Ghul and the League of Assassins. However, Damian and Talia’s conversation was interrupted by the arrival of the Lazarus League.

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Now, in the conclusion of “Demon or detective?”, Which can be found in Detective comics # 1034, Damian finally decides to follow in the footsteps of one of his parents.

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Robin damian talia

When Damian returned to his mother’s side in the first part of “Demon or Detective?”, He wore a new costume that had elements of the Boy Wonder costume mixed with more regal touches inspired by League of Assassins. This in part showed that Damian was willing to join the League again and become its future leader. Now, in the final part of this story, Talia agrees to have Damian join her once more. However, he makes it clear that this time he will do things differently.

Before, she gave Damian special treatment because he was her son. Now that he has returned, she tells him that she will treat him like any other member of the League of Assassins, and only when he proves worthy will she allow him to be what he aspires to become.

On board his helicopter, she tells him: “It is time for you to choose which life you wish to lead. The devil’s or the detective’s?”

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Robin infinite frontier

But before Talia can finish her full speech, she turns to see that Damian is already gone, leaving behind his new mask and League cape. With a decisive exit, Damian takes to the skies as Robin once again. Without the extra pieces of his outfit, Damian reveals his new costume as Wonder Boy, which is mostly dark gray, black, and red. The yellow cape and green domino mask complete the ensemble with characteristic colors. And, most importantly, the character once again wears the “R” logo on his chest, consolidating his status.

Talia, as it turns out, is not at all surprised by her choice. “I should have known better before caging you in,” she says, just to herself. “Don’t disappoint me, my little bird. My … son …”

With this, Talia shows that even she knows that Damian made the right decision. Despite his willingness to become the Demon Heir once again, the truth of the matter is that Damian is like his father, and he will do as he pleases. Talia threatening to build walls around her made Damian realize what she really wants, and that is to operate as Robin once again. Now the Boy Wonder is officially back and has a lot to fix.

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