The story of My hero academia stars Izuku Midoriya as a lovable and hardworking shonen protagonist. Still, this series arguably has an ensemble cast, making it a story about the entirety of Class 1-A at the UA Heroic School, not just Izuku himself. Many of these characters are already at or above Izuku’s hero level, in fact.

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In a great franchise like this, the “main character” can be defined in more than one way. However, in general My hero academiaMain characters are best defined as those who get the most screen time and personal development and those with the most impact on the narrative in one form or another (and are the most relatable). When these characters are assembled, how do they rank in power level?

10 Tsuu Asui, the Rainy Day Frog Hero

At first, the frog girl Tsuyu Asui seemed like a background character. Still, by now, it has established itself as one of the My hero academiamain characters, even if she’s not powerful. Tsuyu has been prominent in every season and almost every story arc so far.

Tsuyu can’t stand the dryness or the cold. Still, she is an excellent aquatic heroine, and her flexible powers and maneuverability make her highly effective, not to mention her sharp mind and mature demeanor. She matches well with Ochaco Uraraka and his Gravity Quirk, too.

9 Momo Yaoyorozu, who can create anything

In general, Momo Yaoyorozu performs better as a support hero than as a front-line fighter. Momo has some physical abilities, yes, but her combat ability is limited and her Quirk doesn’t improve her strength, speed, or stamina at all. Instead, Momo’s Quirk makes her a true team player.

Momo’s Quirk of Creation has the unmatched ability to spawn non-living items at will, making tools or items for other heroes and rescue items for injured civilians alike. And it helps that Momo has a great IQ and a good attitude backing all of this up.

8 Tenya Iida, better known as Ingenium

tenya iida my hero academia

The class representative of UA’s Class 1-A is none other than Tenya Iida, who, in fact, already has a professional hero in the family. Tenya takes inspiration from his older brother Tensei, who goes by the name Ingenium, and takes Tenya to new heights as a hero-in-training.

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Tenya Iida is one of the school’s fastest melee heroes, using his Engine Quirk to rush across the battlefield and deliver crushing kicks like the Recipro Burst. Be forceful Y Evasive makes Tenya stand out among students, that’s for sure.

7 Fumikage Tokoyami, the boy who loves the dark

Some students rely heavily on their Quirks, and one of them is Fumikage Tokoyami, who can cast a living shadow outside of his belly. This is the Dark Shadow Quirk, and he’s equally powerful on offense and defense, allowing Fumikage to rank high among his classmates.

Dark Shadow is fast, agile and intelligent, and can deliver devastating melee blows with his claws and headbutts. It also helps that low lighting levels will further boost Dark Shadow’s power, although Fumikage could lose control beyond a certain point. Must be carefull.

6 Katsuki Bakugo, the blast hero

In the beginning, Katsuki Bakugo was among the best of his class, thanks to that incredible Explosion Quirk. But by now, with Season 5 looming, Bakugo has slipped a few places, though it won’t sink any lower than that. His Quirk and sharp mind are serious assets, after all.

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Bakugo’s offensive firepower is devastating, as he can ignite and unleash powerful explosions in his hands and blow his enemies (or even the terrain itself) off. You can also make smoke screens to cover yourself. On top of that, Bakugo can fly with smaller, contained blasts to increase his mobility. All of this allowed Bakugo to win the UA sports festival against stiff competition.

5 Izuku Midoriya, the true successor of All Might

By now, Izuku Midoriya has risen through the ranks to become a true star of not just Class 1-A but the entire AU school (although he has yet to eclipse the Big Three). Izuku has come a long way with his new One For All Quirk, and his sharp mind and good attitude are helping too.

Izku has narrowly surpassed Bakugo as a powerful UA student, as he can use One For All in many ways, from regular Smash attacks to Shoot Style and Full Cowling, among others. His fierce determination to go Plus Ultra has allowed him to defeat Muscular and even the mighty Overhaul.

4 Shoto Todoroki, prodigy son of Endeavor

Shoto Todoroki in Hero License Exam

For now at least, Shoto seems to be at the top of Class 1-A, mainly because he has finally learned to use both halves of his incredible Quirk and realize his full potential. Shoto is the result of a morally questionable Quirk marriage, so he might as well make the most of these gifts.

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Shoto has good instincts and a solid understanding of his Fire / Ice Gift, and he can do it all: glide on ice, create ice barriers, ensnare his enemies, destroy them with powerful flame attacks, and even generate steam. It takes a lot to get to the top is.

3 Tomura Shigaraki, heir to All For One

Tomura holds a box

It is true that the great villain All For One was the most powerful and influential villain for a time, he appeared relatively little in history and his era is over. In general, Tomura Shigaraki can claim to be My hero academiaThe main villain, one of the main characters in the story.

Tomura is a short-range fighter who can rot anything with his Decay ability, needing only to touch his victim with all five fingers. He’s agile, smart, and determined, and theoretically he can kill anyone. And their power and influence continue to grow even more.

two Mirio Togata, better known as Lemillion

Anime My Hero Academia Mirio Battle ready for Shin and Deidoro

The elite student known as Mirio Togata is the strongest of the Big Three. He has appeared much more than Nejire Hado or Tamaki Amajiki, so he can claim “main character” status quite easily. Mirio proved at the end of Season 3 that he is already worthy of being a pro.

In fact, Mirio makes most pros win at their own game by combining his extreme physical abilities with his keen intuition, iron will, and remarkable Permeation Quirk. You can quickly dispatch a full squad of enemies and challenge the biggest villains, and probably win.

1 All Might, the symbol of peace

Everyone can be angry

All Might could be the greatest hero of his time, setting new standards for charisma, speed, strength, and sheer optimism. Thus, he became the symbol of peace and, almost single-handedly, kept evil at bay with his strength and reputation. But that is over now.

During his time, All Might was virtually untouchable on both sides of the battle of good versus evil, and he remained the eighth bearer of One For All. He fought his final battle in a rematch against All For One and lost his powers, but he still serves as the main character, often giving Izuku and Mirio inspirational words and guidance. His power is gone, but man remains.

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