A new Transformers The movie is in the works at Paramount Pictures. According to THR, the studio just made a blind script commitment to develop a new film based on the popular Hasbro line of toys. Marco Ramirez, who served as co-showrunner on the Netflix series Marvel. Defenders, is on board to write the script with Kings of the City of Enchantment Helmer Angel Manuel Soto began directing.

No plot details have been revealed about the new Transformers film with Marco Ramirez and Angel Manuel Soto placeholder image. An independent film, this project is independent of another Transformers film that has also been announced to be in development. In November, it was reported that Steven Caple Jr. was directing the next installment of Paramount’s ongoing film. Transformers film series that was first released in 2007. The script for that film was written by Joby Harold.

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the Transformers the films have collectively grossed $ 4.84 billion at the box office. Between 2007 and 2017, Michael Bay directed the first five installments of the series, each of which was a huge success in terms of ticket sales. Based on the Transformers toy line, the film brought fan favorites such as Optimus Prime, Jazz, Ratchet, and Megatron to life. While critical reception hasn’t always been very kind to the series, the top-grossing films have always been tremendously financially successful.

In 2018, writer Christina Hodson and director Travis Knight released the Transformers derivative film Bumblebee with Dylan O’Brien voicing the fan-favorite Autobot. Hailee Steinfeld, John Cena, John Ortiz, Pamela Adlon, and Jason Drucker also starred. Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura said in 2019 that Paramount was developing a sequel to Bumblebee along with another installment of the main series that follows Transformers: The Last Knight. The current state of Bumblebee 2 It is not clear after the announcement of this independent film by Ramírez and Soto.

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Meanwhile, Hasbro has also partnered with Netflix to develop a new animated show based on Transformers. Nicknamed Transformers: BotBots, the 20-minute animated comedy follows “robots disguising themselves as everyday items from the mall. During the day, these BotBots quietly hide on store shelves, but at night, they go on an adventure until a Group of BotBots called “The Lost Bots” meets the security guard at the mall and puts all the bots in danger. Can these misfits overcome their differences, defeat the security guard and gain acceptance in the eyes of others? bots? “

This follows a further adaptation of the anime series by Transformers that’s on Netflix too. Intended for more mature Transformers fans, Transformers: War for Cybertron It will consist of three chapters, with the first two currently streaming on Netflix. The third chapter is expected to arrive in July 2021. Criticism of the anime series has been exceptionally strong.

Can’t deny that Transformers is an incredibly popular brand with the potential to make billions more on top of what the series has already racked up at the box office. With at least two new movies in the works for the franchise’s planned return to the big screen, in addition to the various animated adaptations, it’s also clear that the Autobots aren’t going anywhere for a while. This news comes to us from The Hollywood Reporter.

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