With Kramer easily being a fan favorite of Seinfeld, so much so that the live audience even started clapping every time he slipped into Jerry’s apartment, he could very well be the real main character of the show. Whether he’s hatching some dodgy schemes that are borderline scamming people or using his creativity to get rich, like making a coffee table book on coffee tables, fans love how crafty he is.

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However, putting that aside and forgetting how generous he is, Kramer has tried countless times to become a hardworking citizen and launch a career, but some of those career options are completely bizarre.

10 Fake patient

Being a fake patient, Kramer is hired to act out sick conditions for medical students, and this is where Kramer’s acting past comes in handy as it turns him into a real meal. Not only does he describe the symptoms so medical students can guess what he’s suffering from, he creates great, poetic stories about the diseases he’s been told to act on. Kramer mentions that he is suffering from the “haunting memories of lost love,” which amusingly the symptoms of gonorrhea.

9 Cab driver Hansom

Although Kramer has a record of having been on strike since 1985, he has had a ton of jobs, and not only that, but he actually begs and begs to become a cabriolet cab driver for a week.

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Not only is it strange work, but Kramer makes it even weirder, as instead of feeding the horse oats and hay, he feeds the horse Beef-A-Reno, a fictional mixture of meat and pasta, while singing to it. What makes it worse is that the horse gets so flatulent from the food that no one can stand it.

8 Rickshaw worker

Learning that they can get rickshaws from Hong Kong, Newman and Kramer start working together and run a rickshaw business, which is already a recipe for disaster. Rickshaw riding through the streets of New York is not only totally unsafe, it is completely out of the ordinary and unorthodox. But it gets worse when Kramer is forced to pull Newman in the rickshaw, and when Kramer gets tired, he drops the wooden posts, leading Newman to fall backwards down the street.

7 Stand-In Police Line

Most people probably never knew that people get paid to stand in police lines, but that’s exactly what happens. Generally, they take people off the street and offer them around $ 20 to stand against the white wall. It’s one of the weirdest jobs but probably one of the most fun at the same time, and of course it could only happen to Kramer. But the job went terribly wrong again, as a homeless man points out to Kramer for robbing a jewelry store.

6 Model

Kramer put it best when he said, “I owe everything I have to this face,” as he hasn’t had just one modeling job, but a couple of them, and while they have been quite lucrative for him, they are totally weird. First of all, she worked her way into becoming an underwear model for Ralph Lauren as easily as she slips into Jerry’s apartment. And then you get paid to be a portrait model, as you posed for a painting that sold for $ 5000. Being a model is not necessarily strange, but being is The type of model is strange at the Kramer level.

5 Fireman

God bless anyone trapped inside a burning building when Kramer is on duty. Although it’s a pretty normal job overall, the fact that Kramer of all people has become a firefighter is completely weird. As firefighters often find themselves in situations where they have to be down to earth and extremely clear, there is no way Kramer can act that way as he is usually so hotheaded and too instinctive.

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And that’s exactly what happened after he headed to the fire station telling the chief that he knows faster routes. Kramer goes berserk when he’s in control of a fire truck and arrives on the scene too late.

4 Tennis ball boy

Fans loved the fact that Kramer beat all the teens in tryouts for the position because no one believed in him. Jerry thought it was weird, and all the teenagers tried to pull him off the court laughing, but Kramer had too much pride. However, it is something so strange that not all a middle-aged man requests them. And while he did an amazing job in testing, when it came to being the actual game ball boy, Kramer-style, he got completely tangled up with the tennis player as he tried to catch the ball.

3 Life jacket

In one of the few episodes to feature non-diegetic music, Beach Boys’ “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” plays on top of Kramer having a great day at the beach. A montage of him using a metal detector and rock climbing is reproduced, but he also sits in a lifeguard chair while teaching the girls to dive. Security gets him out quickly, but in another episode, it is revealed that Kramer used to be a professional lifeguard. Fans found out because Kramer said it was the only time he ever shaved his chest hair.

two Actor

Being one of the things that Kramer of the season would be proud of, Kramer turned pro when it comes to acting. As with her modeling career, her face is still her biggest source of income and, like her modeling career, she has performed on a number of occasions, and it’s probably the closest Kramer has come to having a career. as it should.

Kramer first landed a role in a Woody Allen movie in which he had a single line, “These pretzels are making me thirsty,” one of the most iconic quotes in the entire series. He then won an appearance on Murphy brown, and of course he was a soap opera understudy on the set of All my kids.

1 Santa shopping center

Considering how Mall Santas is usually portrayed in movies and television as depressed and rather strange people, either in Bad santa or FriendsIt’s actually quite a fitting job for a freak like Kramer. However, he again ruins his chances of being hired the upcoming Christmas season as he hilariously reveals his stance on capitalism to a boy sitting on his lap requesting toy cars.

The irony of Kramer being a mall Santa and at the same time becoming a communist after reading the Communist Manifesto is so spot on and perfect, but otherwise it would have been a pretty normal job by Kramer’s standards.

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