A new tips and tricks guide for The Fall players. Learn what to prioritize, how to excel in battle, and how to get a little further in puzzles.

Presented in several separate parts, The fall follows the story of an ARID Mark-7 combat suit as it tries to protect its human pilot. The game begins with a spaceship crash on an unknown planet, and the human pilot suffers several serious injuries that render him unable to operate the suit himself. Beginning with the goal of finding medical assistance, players will find themselves exploring unfamiliar terrain, solving various puzzles, and fighting hostile droids while trying to protect their pilot by any means necessary.

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By telling a story related to the dangers and traps of artificial intelligence, the side scrolling game will have players collect various items and unlock various abilities as they progress through the game. While the game itself isn’t necessarily difficult, there are some tips and tricks that new players may find helpful.

Look for items in the area first in the fall

The Fall Part 1 ARID enters the facility

Despite harboring some features commonly seen in heavy action games, The fall it would be better described as a puzzle game. But unlike most puzzles where the pieces to solve it are already immediately available, players often need to travel to other areas of the map to collect certain items necessary to solve a certain problem.

As such, it is recommended that players take the time to explore before tackling any particular issue. It is possible and even likely that the player will find puzzle-related items or clues in the area. Or they will discover a hidden area that would prove useful in some way. If the player is thorough, they can acquire everything they need to solve the puzzle before finding one, which can be really convenient.

Use strange logic in the fall

When players arrive at a certain facility in the game, they will undergo a series of tests that cannot be completed in a conventional way. In large part because the facility itself is in shambles and littered with decaying corpses and strange wildlife. But a common theme to the game is how objectives can be technically met with crooked or crooked logic, and this theme is very much present in the game itself.

Take this scenario as an example. There will come a point where ARID is supposed to prepare a “meal” for a wooden boy. Investigating a certain terminal reveals that the technical goal of the food test is to provide the child with protein. While not specified, players can easily determine that any form of protein can meet the test goal. Even if that protein comes from, say, a decaying corpse. It is inedible, disgusting, and obviously not intended for human consumption; but technically it satisfies the purpose of the test.

Don’t rely on camouflage in fall

The Fall Part 1 Camouflage Skill

In an early part of the game, players will gain access to a cloaking skill. By allowing the player to blend in with their surroundings, it will quickly become apparent that enemy robots don’t see the need to shoot in the player’s direction when using the ability. Probably because the ARID is no longer registering with your aiming sensors. It’s a tempting ability to use when in combat, allowing the player to steadily advance in one position while avoiding enemy fire. But there is a major drawback that may not be immediately apparent: it stops shield regeneration.

Serving as the battle droid’s primary defense, the player’s shield level can slowly regenerate over time when moving or hiding behind cover. Since most enemies in the game are significantly stronger than the player, this means that maintaining a high shield level is paramount. This means that players should always be ready to use whatever cover may be in the area rather than relying almost exclusively on camouflage.

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The fall is available for PC, Wii U, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. It is currently free on the Epic Games store.

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