The Arrowverse The flash has featured many couples. But none is as iconic or meaningful to history as the relationship between Barry Allen and his now-wife Iris West-Allen. It took them a while to get together, but today, they are inseparable on the show and can’t imagine their lives without each other.

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However, fans are creative people and like to wonder about other possibilities, the what ifs. Even though Iris remains Barry’s most important partner, if things didn’t work out between them for whatever reason in future seasons, there are other people Barry could be happy with as well.

10 Thea Queen

Thea Queen Season 8 Arrow

Of course, the last time Thea appeared on Arrow, she was already engaged to Roy Harper. But if she wasn’t, she and Barry could work together. You both put a lot of responsibility on yourself and the shared burden feels easier. Unlike Iris, Thea is a superhero, but she was also able to lead a normal life and she liked it. Thea has been through a lot and would connect with Barry on an emotional level. In the Arrowverse, it was Cisco who noticed Thea, but she and Barry got along well too.

9 Felicity Smoak

Barry Felicity Kiss

Unlike Thea, Felicity and Barry actually had something of a romance. When Barry first appeared in season three of Arrow, he and Felicity hit it off right away. They had a lot in common, they were equally bright, geeky, and awkward around other people.

They went on a date together, shared a dance, and even kissed. The only problem was that they were both in love with other people at the time. But if it weren’t, they could have made it work. At least they remained good friends and were always happy to see each other.

8 Mia smoak

Arrow Fadeout Mia Queen Felicity Smoak Barry Allen

Of course, dating Mia Smoak after Barry had a brief affair with his mother Felicity would be weird. And Mia comes from the future too, she lives in 2020. However, thanks to the antics of time travel, Barry and Mia already met on the show and fought side by side. Mia has the intelligence of Felicity and the bravery and stubbornness of Oliver. Barry was close to both Oliver and Felicity, so he might end up looking up to Mia as well.

7 Kara danvers

Supergirl The Flash Duet Barry Allen Kara Danvers

Some fans quickly became aware of the natural chemistry between Barry and Kara Danvers, aka Supergirl. They quickly bonded and became friends. If they had spent even more time together, they might have become something more.

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Kara was always quick to help Barry and he acted in the same way. They didn’t hang out, but at least they shared a brilliant song as a duo. Being super friends is as good as being a couple.

6 Patty spivot

Flash Season 2 Barry Patty Kiss

Like Felicity, Barry and Patty had a lot in common. They both worked for the police and were determined to help their city in any way they could. They may also be uncomfortable with other people. Barry and Patty went on an adorable date together and became a couple.

Unfortunately, Barry lied to Patty about her superhero identity. They later broke up and Patty left town. Had the circumstances been different, they could have made it work in the long run. But if Patty ever came back, maybe they could rekindle their relationship, or at least be friends.

5 Caitlin snow

Caitlin Barry Kiss

Caitlin would certainly deserve more luck in love. Her husband Ronnie died, she dated Hunter Zolomon, who turned out to be a speedy and villainous Zoom, and her relationship with Julian Albert also led nowhere. However, if there was anyone else Caitlin was attracted to, it was Barry.

They work as friends, they like to spend time together and they even kissed, twice. Except for the first time, he wasn’t the real Barry, but a shapeshifter, but Caitlin kissed him back. And the second time, Caitlin was in her full Killer Frost mode when she kissed Barry. Many fans expected them to get together, but Barry married Iris, and the rest, as they say, is history.

4 Leonard Snart

The Flash Season 3 Infantino Street Barry Allen Leonard Snart

A surprising number of fans send Barry Allen and former villain Leonard Snart (aka Captain Cold) thanks to their charged relationship on the show. One potential flaw on this ship is that Barry has never shown any penchant for being bisexual, yet he has also not openly stated that he is not, so fans can continue to submit these two!

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He and Snart definitely had enough chemistry to make a credible match. Of course, Snart is now dead, thanks to his adventures with the Legends, but at least the audience could see enough of Barry and Snart’s banter when enemies became reluctant allies / friends.

3 Beverly lewis

The Flash Comics Beverly Lewis

It’s time to see Barry’s romances with characters who haven’t made it to the Arrowverse yet … but who might appear in the future. Those who haven’t read the comics will likely not be familiar with Beverly, but she did play a significant role in Barry’s life at one point, as she was his fiancée for a time. Barry and Beverly met when she moved to Central City.

They became friends and started dating. Barry asked Beverly to marry him, but their wedding was cut short when Professor Zoom appeared and threatened to kill Beverly. That made Barry break down and killed Zoom. Zoom is no longer on the show, but they could potentially replace him with another villain if they ever decided to introduce Beverly.

two Daphne dean

Daphne dean

Unlike other characters on this list, it might be possible to cast Daphne Dean into the Arrowverse without jeopardizing Barry’s relationship with Iris. The reason is that Daphne was Barry’s girlfriend when he was much younger. Later, Daphne became an actress and met Barry again.

They didn’t rekindle their romance, but Barry helped protect her from criminals. Interestingly, Daphne fell in love with both Barry and Flash at one point, not realizing that they were the same at first.

1 Jessica Cruz

Green Lantern Jessica Cruz

With the exception of Iris, Jessica Cruz is one of Barry’s best known girlfriends. However, she is a superhero in her own right, as she is one of the Green Lanterns. And judging from the last scene with John Diggle in Arrow, it’s only a matter of time before the Lanterns appear in the Arrowverse as well. In one timeline, Barry had a daughter, Jennifer, with Jessica and even without that, Jessica and Barry made an impressive team in the comics.

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