The first trailer for James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad brings the director’s ear to nostalgic pop rock closer to the DCEU to tell the tale of Task Force X.

The first trailer for Suicide squad It has now been revealed and, as with all James Gunn comic book movies, music plays a key role in marketing. His first trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy memorably used Blue Swede’s “Hooked on a Feeling” to establish that film’s strong relationship with music and its Suicide squad The sequel to the marketing campaign has started with an equally nostalgic vibe.

Either Suicide squad It will have such a close link between history and music that it remains to be seen. Star-Lord’s Awesome Mixtapes offered the perfect trick for Gunn to add another layer of storytelling, but Task Force X’s deadly mission doesn’t seem to immediately lend itself to the same. At least not in the universe. But if the first trailer is anything to go by, Gunn will draw on his encyclopedic knowledge of music to draw thematic bridges between action and existing songs, at least in the service of Rule of Cool.

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The first footage of Suicide squad came back with the excellent DC FanDome event in 2020, but that was all raw footage, so the first real trailer has been a long time coming. Unsurprisingly, it has immediately been worth the wait, as Gunn’s eye for the scandalous and his horror movie past have crashed into an unholy marriage that promises to push the DCEU firmly into R-rated territory. Something pits a large cast of expendable supervillains against intergalactic kaiju starfish, expect Starro to come with a heavy metal anthem or possibly some dubstep, Gunn has chosen Steely Dan’s “Dirty Work” to deliver a completely different vibe.

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The choice is great, and the decision not to cover the original is to be further applauded for the early ’70s pop rock comic conflict and the action in the trailer. In his choice, Gunn once again proves his ear for a song that tells his story in a fun and engaging way, with narrative lyrics – a man who laments being the third wheel in a relationship despite having entered the adventure knowingly – changed. make Amanda Waller, Viola Davis, the cheating wife and Task Force X his dirty secret. The additional comedy comes from singer David Palmer singing “I’m a fool for doing your dirty work“Since the Suicide Squad is sent on a mission, they don’t exactly have the authority to refuse.

If this is an indication of what kind of tone Gunn is aiming for in the sequel, it is a confirmation that Suicide squad it is a radical departure from its predecessor. And while the much maligned but popular David Ayer Suicide squad It also boasted an amazing first trailer with great music, cynics will say it was very much the highlight. With Gunn presumably with more creative freedom, as some of the more outrageous parts of the trailer already suggest, hopefully there will be no concern of history repeating itself.

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