Ash Ketchum has been the protagonist of the Pokemon anime series for years. He is a ten year old boy from Pallet Town, whose dream is to become the best Pokémon Master in the world. Despite living in a world full of Pokémon, she struggled to remember type perks and had to constantly rely on her Pokédex to tell her about every Pokémon she encountered.

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Some of his gym badges were not earned in a conventional way, and some were even given out of compassion. There are a host of anime characters that would adapt to the world of Pokémon much faster than Ash, and if given enough time, they could also defeat him in a Pokémon battle.

10 Senku Ishigami is a genius whose goal is to save everyone (Dr. Stone)

In Dr stoneSenku is a genius when it comes to anything scientific. Use your vast knowledge and quick thinking to turn things in your favor. As the head of the Ishigami village, he is used to using the strength of others to his advantage, making them perform the tasks for which they are best suited. This is exactly what you would be doing as a Pokémon trainer.

Although it may seem selfish at times, you actually want to keep everyone safe, so your goal would be to win battles where your Pokémon take little to no damage. Senku is a fast learner too, and if he were motivated enough, he would learn enough about Pokémon to make Professor Oak jealous.

9 Tanya von Degurechaff is a tough but effective instructor (Saga Of Tanya The Evil)

Tanya looks over the battlefield.

Tanya constantly strives to be above others. She chooses and trains subordinates to become effective fighters, so unlike Ash, who seems to dislike the evolution of her Pokémon, Tanya would choose the best possible Pokémon and raise them to be the best they can be. They may be.

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Their training may be tough, but those who have been through it have grown stronger. Although tough, Tanya does her best to keep those who serve under her command safe.

8 Ainz Ooal Gown is familiar with strategy games (Overlord)

Ainz Ooal's Dress (Overlord)

Ainz was originally a human in Mister who played an immersive game called YGGDRASIL. Like many other games, this required me to remember a large number of spells, characters, effects, and weaknesses. Ainz is an individual who plans ahead to keep his followers safe, and treasures items, which he uses if he deems it absolutely necessary.

He would be the type of trainer who would carry 99 copies of each article. He is also a competitive person, which is a crucial trait that a Pokémon trainer must have.

7 Emma is upbeat and caring (The Promised Neverland)

Emma looks up

In The Promised Neverland, Emma is a smart girl who uses her brilliance to protect her family. Since she’s optimistic, any lost Pokémon battle wouldn’t be enough to bring her down. He would treat his Pokémon well and find ways to train it that would be fun for both of them.

She trained the younger children in her orphanage by making them run through the woods playing tag, which they loved. Emma would also be the type to plan ahead and bring healing items to keep her Pokémon from getting too hurt.

6 Deku writes everything he learns (My Hero Academia)

Since Deku started out without any power, he focused on developing his intellect in My hero academia. His obsession with heroes led him to diligently take notes on each hero’s quirks and analyze them. As the series progressed, Deku learned leadership skills, using the powers of his allies and enemies to his advantage.

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Deku is the type who wouldn’t judge any Pokémon for losing a battle, as he knows what it’s like to feel powerless.

5 Lucy Heartfilia treats her heavenly spirits with respect (Fairy Tail)

Lucy fights alongside Scorpio

Lucy in Fairy tale he is the type of person who refuses to take the easy way out. Rather than settle down and marry in accordance with his father’s wishes, he chose to live a life of independence. Many coaches leave home at a young age, so Lucy could handle this aspect of being a coach.

Her Celestial Spirits are similar to Pokémon in the way that she can summon them to help her fight battles. Lucy is one of the few celestial spirit magicians who do not see spirits as mere tools, fighting alongside her and seeing them as friends.

4 Naofumi Iwatani would trust a Pokémon (The Rising Of Shield Hero)

Naofumi smiling

After being betrayed in Rise of the Shield HeroNaofumi had a hard time trusting someone, assuming everyone wanted to catch him. Thanks to Raphtalia and Filo, he has gained a little more confidence.

A Pokémon caught by a trainer is usually obedient unless he thinks the trainer is unworthy, but Naofumi is both powerful and a father figure to many. As long as their trainer shows them kindness, a Pokémon is very loyal.

3 Edward Elric is a prodigy who trains every day (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Edward leans forward and frowns.

Since Edward is so talented in alchemy, he became the youngest state alchemist in Fullmetal Alchemist. He is smart and able to react quickly, shaping his automail arm in various ways to suit his needs.

Thanks to his teacher Izumi Curtis, Edward trains his body every day without fail. It would be a trainer who would train alongside his Pokémon, which is a great way to bond. It would be the type that would teach your Pokémon by sparring with them, which would be an effective way to help them reach their full physical potential.

two Shinobu Kocho is a poison expert (Demon Slayer)

Shinobu with his sword

As one of the strongest fighters in Murderer of demons, Shinobu uses an insect-like fighting style. Shinobu is best known for her deep knowledge of poisons. She knows exactly what kind of poison and how much can be effective on her opponents.

He even saturated his own body with poison. She would be best suited as a trainer who specializes in using Poison-type Pokémon, which inflicts the most annoying status effect on her opponent’s Pokémon.

1 Rukia Kuchiki has experience in training others (Bleach)

Rukia smiles

Rukia in Bleach He is responsible for training Ichigo Kurosaki, who would eventually become one of the strongest characters in the series. His training is very strict but effective, since he does not take it easy with his students.

He would probably be more forgiving of Rabbit Pokémon, as he has a soft spot for them and shows a lot of giddy affection towards Chappy’s merchandise. Since he has a good enough relationship with his Zanpakuto to acquire Bankai, he would surely also be left alone with his Pokémon.

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