Anime figures are one of the many types of collectible merchandise that fans can own from a given series. They come in a variety of prices, from Crane prizes to life-size figures and everything in between. While they come in many sizes, two of the most common scales are 1/7 and 1/8, which can range in price from under $ 100 to thousands of dollars, depending on the company, size, figure complexity, and shape. amount. of detail.

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While each figure has its own appeal, some hit the mark perfectly not only by resembling the show’s art style, but also capturing the character’s appearance and personality at the same time.

Note: All figure photos are from fan collections and are used with the permission of the owners.

10 Chiaki Nanami’s love of games is perfectly captured in a 1 / 8th scale figure from Phat Company

Chiaki figure with Chiaki and Usami Aka Monomi from Danganronpa Anime

While the second installment of the Danganronpa games does not have its own anime, Chiaki makes several appearances in the Danganronpa 3 anime and has been turned into a figure with the care of the Phat Company.

The Ultimate Gamer Chiaki is shown playing a game with Usami, one of the pet characters from the second installment of Danganronpa. Her face is sculpted in a smooth expression, while her clothing has been replicated in great detail. Even Chiaki’s accessories like her hairpin and backpack are included to take this figure to the next level.

9 Grell’s grandiose style shines through in a 1 / 8th scale figure of Kotobukiya

Grell Sutcliff figure with Grell smiling in Black Butler Anime

Grell Sutcliff of the Black butler The series is as excitable and energetic as ever in this 1/8 scale Kotobukiya figure. This particular figure comes from Black Butler: Circus Book anime, although it matches Grell’s appearance in many of the anime arcs.

The vivid red color scheme is beautifully captured in the paint job, while the sculpture highlights the Soul Reaper’s larger-than-life personality. The face is particularly well done, with extremely detailed eyes and shark teeth, while the outfit has been recreated in detail right down to the shoes. The inclusion of Death Scythe adds an extra detail that really makes this figure shine.

8 Mommy looks calm and confident in a 1 / 8th scale figure from Good Smile Company

Figure of Tomoe Mami with Mami pointing a weapon in the anime Madoka Magica

While there are many lovely Madoka Magica figures, including several of Mami, this figure from Good Smile Company truly captures the unique art style of Madoka Magica good. Mami’s expression recreates even the shape of her eyes and her confident smile.

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The figure comes with Mami’s weapons, so fans can choose to represent her with or without her weapons. The details on the figure are charming and although she doesn’t move, the sculpting of the bows, the skirt, and even the feather on her hat mimic real movement very well and gives the figure a dynamic appearance.

7 Syaoran’s outfit is replicated in great detail in a 1/7 scale figure by Kotobukiya

Syaoran Li and Syaoran figure from Cardcaptor Sakura

Syaoran Li is ready to fight in this Kotobukiya figure. Syaoran is sculpted in his outfit. from the original Sakura Card Captor anime series, with special attention to color and detail. Syaoran’s brightly colored outfit is a perfect match for his anime counterpart, while smaller details like the bells on his sleeves, the emblems on his clothing, and even the details on his sword are accurately replicated.

However, one of the most impressive parts of this figure is the base that Syaoran stands on. This base is the Syaoran compass, also known as the Lasin board in the Nelvana. Cardcaptors anime. The extreme detail that was used to replicate every last part of the compass really makes this piece stand out.

6 Rem & Ram’s relationship shines through in 1 / 8th scale figure set by Revolve

Rem and Ram figure with Rem and Ram from Re Zero Anime

You’re beautiful Re: zero The figures were initially released separately, but now sold as an associated set that shares a foundation on which both sisters rest. Many figures are being created to Re: zero, particularly for Rem, the most popular character on the show. However, what’s especially charming about this one is that it not only mimics the art style, but also captures the personalities of both sisters at once.

Rem is kneeling at the base with a gentle and concerned expression, her weapon ready just in case, while Ram, who is less expressive in the anime, has a more neutral expression on his face and a more relaxed pose. The faces of each of the sisters, in particular, are very well done and match their anime counterparts perfectly.

5 Looks like Sawa came out of the Tari Tari anime in a 1 / 8th scale Phat Company figure

Sawa and Sawa figure from Tari Tari Anime

Sawa from the anime Tari tari Come back to life in this figure from Phat Company. Sawa is friendly and outgoing, and those aspects of her personality really come through in this figure. His love of horses is also recognized with the inclusion of a small horse accessory next to his feet.

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Made with extreme precision, the figure is nearly identical to the scene from the anime that inspired its creation. The colors on this figure are perfect, while the outfit, pose, and expression are done in such detail that it really looks like Sawa has stepped out of anime and into real life.

4 Good Smile Company perfectly captures Saber in a 1/7 scale figure as she wields Excalibur in battle

Saber figure with saber fighting with Excalibur in the anime series Fate

Saber-faced heroic spirits appear in many outfits and classes throughout the Destination anime series and games. However, one of the most iconic and well-known apparitions is King Arthur, commonly known as Saber. This Heroic Spirit wears a long blue dress with armor and gauntlets and fights with Excalibur, his weapon and the source of his Noble Phantasm.

This 1/7 scale figure It captures not only Saber’s outfit and face, but also her fighting style as she fights under Shirou in the Holy Grail War. The movement of the dress and armor has been carefully sculpted to make the pose more dynamic. It also comes with interchangeable parts, so fans can choose whether they want the Excalibur to be visible or not.

3 Amil’s smile and outfit are a perfect match in a 1 / 8th scale figure of Kotobukiya

Figure of Amil Manaflare from Shining Blade and Amil Manaflare from Shining Hearts Bread Of Happiness Anime

Amil del Sparkly The series appears in two of the franchise’s games: Shiny hearts Y Shiny blade. She also appears in the anime series, Shining hearts: the bread of happiness. This food-based anime has an interesting mix of fantasy and everyday elements and a very catchy ending theme.

This particular figure of Amil is inspired by Shiny blade as it comes with Amil’s staff, but it is also an exact representation of her anime appearance. Amil’s outfit is recreated in extreme detail, from the flower pattern on her dress to the bow at her neck. His face is perfect, with his joyful expression faithfully recreated.

two Looks like Levi jumped off the screen in a 1 / 8th scale Good Smile Company figure

Levi figure and close-up of Levi from Attack on Titan

Levi is undoubtedly the most popular character in the Attack on Titan anime and manga series. There are many Levi figures already published, and there will probably be many more in the future. Nevertheless, this particular figure Good Smile Company’s is a great representation of Levi’s appearance in the anime’s early seasons.

Her smaller face and unique eyes are recreated in great detail as she leaps on the Titan’s head. Her outfit and outfit have been carefully sculpted, while her face is a perfect match for one of her common expressions in anime.

1 Menma’s innocent and childish personality is at the forefront of a 1/8 scale altered figure

Figure of Menma in Secret Base and Menma in Bridge in Anohana Anime

Menma from the heartbreaking anime series Anohana keeps his childish and naive ways in this 1/8 scale figure of Alter. Menma sits atop a platform designed to look like the base of the Super Peace Busters. It is decorated with accessories such as wheels, books, bags, and even an umbrella.

Menma herself is depicted in her white dress from the anime, kicking her legs so that her dress flutters around her as she smiles at fans. Her wide eyes and gentle expression fit her character well, and intricate details like the movement in her dress, the many ruffles, and even her hair give the figure a dynamic yet gentle feel.

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