From character speculation to settings and costumes, here are the photos from Phase 4 that had the biggest impact on MCU fans.

For those who may not be privy to the details of MCU phase four, it started with WandaVision, which was a fantastic introduction to Marvel’s journey on Disney +, and currently seems to be potentially ending with Thor: love and thunder or from Marvel Fantastic four which are scheduled to release over the next year or so.

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With the pandemic delaying much of Marvel’s original roster, it’s unclear how this will affect the overall phase story. Usually each MCU phase ends with, or around, a Avengers movie so fans can still get an announcement in the coming year for a fifth installment in the team-up superhero franchise. Until then, post photos of projects that have already started filming as Thor: love and thunder, Spider-Man: No way home, Y The Falcon and the Winter Soldier They have revealed some revealing details.

10 Falcon & Winter Soldier – Bucky Barnes New Look

Bucky Barnes in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The last time fans saw Bucky Barnes he was sitting watching his best friend hand his shield over to Sam Wilson and everyone has been looking forward to the new Disney + friend cop-guy series. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier since then.

The set photos posted by Just jared gave fans a first look at Bucky Barnes afterEndgame sporting much shorter hair and his newly acquired Vibranium arm.

9 No Way Home – Spider Suit ‘New’

Marvel is known for swapping out the suits of its titular heroes, having gone through 50 new Iron Man suits by the end of Avengers Endgame (only about 10 of which Tony used himself). Marvel promised fans that Tom Holland’s MCU’s Spidey suit would be different but classic, and they delivered.

The photos above set of the next Spider-Man: No Way Home showcases Tom Holland’s new suit with some minor changes, such as a much more pointed detail just below Holland’s stomach. Fans loved the MCU’s Iron-Spider suit, raising the question of whether Holland will ever wear it again.

8 Thor: Love & Thunder – Set the Asgardian Stage

Thor's stage of love and thunder

In Thor: Ragnarok Fans were graced with Matt Damon and Luke Hemsworth recounting the events of Thor: The Dark World. It looks like fans are expecting a similar side story in the next Thor: love and thunder thanks to these photos of the Daily mail.

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Photos from the set, while not showing cast members, show what appears to be an Asgardian setting, presumably set in New Asgard, Norway. Therefore, fans could retell the past events of the MCU.

7 Thor: Love and Thunder – Kraglin & Nebula

Kraglin and Nebula on the set of Thor 4

Fans have known for a while that the Guardians of the Galaxy were going to appear on Thor: love and thunder but they were not sure of the importance of the role they would play. Even though the photos from the set don’t show the role size of the Guardians in the film, they do give fans a glimpse of their new outfits.

The photos of the Daily Mail show Kraglin with his fin and the Yaka arrow, formerly owned by Yondu but taken by Kraglin at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2and Karen Gillan’s Nebula with a slightly updated look too.

6 WandaVision – SWORD

Sword Agent by WandaVision

This won’t seem like such a spoiler now that WandaVision has aired its finale, but before the show was available for broadcast, the photo of Just jared showing a SWORD agent was very revealing.

For those who are still unsure, SWORD is essentially the SHIELD from space, protecting Earth from alien threats. This introduction seemed to hint that perhaps the Skrulls and other alien races could play a bigger role in the future of the MCU.

5 Thor: Love and Thunder Matt Damon and Luke Hemsworth

Luke Hemsworth and Matt Damon in Thor Love and Thunder

Reports recently began to surface that Matt Damon landed in Australia and many fans began to speculate that he was going to have a role in Love and thunder.

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Well, those speculations paid off since the set photos posted by the Daily mail reveals that Matt Damon and Chris’s brother Luke Hemsworth will reprise their roles as stage versions of Loki and Thor to tell the story of Thor: Ragnarok.

4 Falcon and Winter Soldier – John Walker

John Walker in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

For many fans, Steve Rogers is Captain America and always will be. But it seems that the story of Falcon and Winter Soldier It will show someone else holding the shield and it is not Bucky or Sam. The photos of WGTC They show John Walker, a character about whom very little is known in the context of the series, in a red and blue suit.

Did they inject him with the super soldier serum? Will it be good or bad? Maybe fans will get some answers this Friday when the first episode of the new series launches on Disney +.

3 No Way Home – Missing Children

As the filming of the next Spider-Man: No Way Home, a video of the set hit the web showing multiple posters of missing children on a billboard among other posters where half the population appears to be supporting Mysterio since Far from home and the other half on Peter Parker’s side after Mysterio revealed his identity.

There were some fan theories that these children linked to the lack of children within the Hex in WandaVision but now that the end of WandaVision has been issued, it’s safe to say the two are likely not connected.

two Thor: Love and Thunder – Natalie Portman’s Thor

Since it was revealed that Natalie Portman would be returning in Thor: love and thunder, fans have been wondering how the female version of Thor in the movie will differ from the comics, as just because something happens in the comics doesn’t guarantee that it will happen in the movie.

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That said, it appears that Portman is taking the role of the female goddess very seriously, as she sports toned arms in the photo above. Thor: Love and Thunder.

1 Thor: Love and Thunder – Thor and Star Lord

Thor and Starlord in Thor 4

It seems that Fat-Thor no longer exists, as these photos hit the web from the Thor 4 place. The photos of Daily mail Not only does it show Chris Hemsworth sporting the more familiar ripped Thor physique, he’s also standing alongside Chris Pratt in his new suit as Star-Lord.

After Drax made Star-Lord’s weight gain joke in Avengers: Infinity War, Is it possible that director Taika Waititi could include a training montage of Thor and Star-Lord at the beginning of the film?

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