Generation VI of Pokemon has a little reputation problem. The games, X & Y, are generally considered the easiest of the main series. And while there is definitely an engaging plot and interesting story in the Kalos region, after the sheer ambition of Generation V, X & Y I felt a bit disappointing.

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Generation VI also introduced far fewer Pokémon than its predecessor, despite having one of the largest Pokédexes. Of the 76 Pokémon native to the Kalos region, only a few really stand out for their great power, not counting legendary, mythical, or mega evolutions. Yet they are so memorable that they immediately earn a place among Pokemonit is fiercer and stronger.

10 Barbaracle

A wild Barbaracle in the Pokémon anime

Barbaracle doesn’t have one of the best designs in the franchise. In fact, he is quite unpleasant to look at, a strange mix between a pile of rocks and a skinny man with too many hands. A dual-type rock / water-type Pokémon, Barbaracle’s assets are completely dependent on its strong physical stats, both of which are over a hundred. With a total base stats of 600, Barbaracle ranks as one of the strongest creatures on Kalos.

Their combination of types is not without risk. Leaves Barbaracle with a four times weakness to Grass, in addition to normal vulnerabilities to Fighting, Ground and Electric. It’s resistant to five types so that’s something.

9 Hawlucha

Ash's Hawfight, as seen in Pokemon Black & White

The combination of a bird of prey and a Mexican wrestler, Hawlucha is one of Kalos’ biggest surprises. Incredibly fast and surprisingly strong, Hawlucha’s then only Fighting / Flying type made him a dangerous threat in battle. With a total base stats of 500, Hawlucha was powerful enough to take his place among Kalos Champion Diantha’s team.

However, its dual type carries a significant amount of risks. It has five weaknesses, one immunity, and four resistances. Overall a very balanced Pokémon, Hawlucha made a return in the next two generations, proving its enduring popularity.

8 Pyroar

A Pyroar observing his pride in the Pokémon anime.

Pyroar, the only Fire / Normal Pokémon so far, is said to be the companion of numerous Kings throughout history. Known as the Royal Pokémon, Pyroar has a base stat total of 507, helped by its high Special Attack and Speed. However, both his physical attack and special defense are below average, so he should keep things interesting.

Pyroar is weak to four types, is immune to one, and resists six, including the overpowered Fairy. It evolves from Litleo at a reasonable level of 36, making it a very strong Pokémon to have in a Kalos match. In fact, his fearsome appearance made him ideal to be part of Lysandre’s team.

7 Aegislash

Aegislash in Pokémon

Aegislash, one of the best, most unforgettable and useful Generation VI Pokémon, is one of the most daring and original concepts in the franchise in years. Aegislash, a dual-type ghost / steel mon, has the unique ability to shapeshift during battle, depending on the moves he’s using. In his sword form, he has a massive 150 in attacks, physical and special. In his Shield Form the opposite happens and the 150 go to both Defenders. Both forms add up to a total base stat of 520.

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The rest of his stats are below average, but that doesn’t stop Aegislash from decimating more than one team. Weak to four types, Aegislash has three immunities and resists nine amazing types. He was so strong that he received significant nerf in Gen VIII, bringing his total stats down to 500.

6 Aurorus

Not only is Aurorus strong, he also has one of the most majestic designs in the entire franchise. Clearly based on a sauropod, Aurorus also has elements of the Northern Lights, which also inspires its name. With a seemingly excellent base stat total of 521, most of Aurorus’ strengths are based on his high HP and special stats.

The truth is that not everything is great when it comes to this splendid creature. Its dual Rock / Ice typing means that it is weak to life itself. Has a whopping six weaknesses, including two four-time vulnerabilities to Grass and Steel. Also, it only resists four types, which means it is not viable in battle. No other Pokémon has the same type combination as Aurorus, and thank goodness for that.

5 Tyrantrum

Tyrantrum in Pokémon

Tyrantrum finds himself in a similar situation to his fossil companion, Aurorus. It is also an impressive creature based on a dinosaur, capable of terrorizing anyone who crosses its path. Tyrantrum also has a base stat total of 521, though most of his power is focused on his physical stats. Tyrantrum hits very hard but it is not the fastest, which means that many Pokémon can surpass it in speed.

Like Aurorus, Tyrantrum also has six weaknesses, although none are four times effective. It also has five resistors, so pretty much everything balances out. Tyrantrum can be used successfully in battle, but always accompanied by good strategy.

4 Chesnaught

Chapman's Chesnaught using Vine Whip, Pokémon XY

The grass starter of the Kalos region, Chesnaught is a dual-type grass / fighting-type creature. This guy is extremely tricky because he leaves Chesnaught with six weaknesses, including the quadruple vulnerability to the Flying type. It also has so many resistors, so that’s at least something.

Still, Chesnaught has a high base stat total of 530. Both of these physical stats are his biggest advantages, though his speed is really pitiful. Chesnaught’s design is interesting, but compared to his fellow Starters, he really does have the shorter end of the stick.

3 Delphox

Pokemon Go Delphox

Kalos’s fire starter, Delphox is a divisive Pokémon. On paper, the concept and design are amazing. Delphox appears to be based on a kitsune, a magical fox in Japanese folklore. Delphox even holds a branch of fire, probably a reference to a magic wand.

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The interesting combination of Fire and Psychic adds even more appeal to this creature. Delphox’s 534 base stats total focuses primarily on special stats and speed. He can hit really hard and really fast, which sounds amazing. However, Delphox is incredibly fragile and can easily fall to a wide range of attacks from any of its five weaknesses.

two Noivern

Pokémon Noivern

Noivern is so cool that many often mistake it for a pseudo-legendary Pokémon, especially since Kalos’s pseudo-real Goodra is pretty forgettable. A dual-type Dragon / Flying creature, Noivern is four times weak to Ice and has three more vulnerabilities. However, it is immune to the ground and has five resistances, which provides a good balance.

Noivern is also the strongest Pokémon in Kalos without the need for an additional form. With a base stat total of 535, Noivern’s speed is truly spectacular. The rest of his stats are above average, with Special Attack being the standout. However, Noivern has a setback because it evolves from the much lower Noibat at the high level of 48.

1 Greninja

Pokemon Greninja

One of the most popular Pokémon of later generations, Greninja’s success is due in large part to its prominent role as one of Ash’s Pokémon during the Kalos season of the Pokemon anime. In fact, a Greninja with the Battle Bond ability can transform into a special form called Ash-Greninja, taking his already high base stat total of 530 into an absurd 640, making him stronger than all Pseudo-Legendaries and even some Legendaries.

In both forms, Greninja’s strengths are based on both Physical and Special Attack, and Speed, although it is very deficient in both departments of Defense. His dual Water / Dark type leaves him with five weaknesses, one immunity, and six resistances. Even without its additional form, Greninja is a dangerous weapon in battle and the strongest Pokémon in Kalos by far.

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