Here’s your guide to all the Marvel comic book characters that have been introduced to the MCU in Episodes 1 and 2 of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier.

The Falcon and the Winter SoldierThe first two episodes feature a series of characters drawn directly from the comics. The MCU is expanding to the small screen, and by all accounts, the shows are a hit for Disney +. Reportedly The Falcon and the Winter SoldierThe premiere was the most successful for the streaming service to date, surpassing even The mandalorian Y WandaVision.

Marvel has traditionally set its stories in “the world outside your window,“Although one with superheroes, gods, and frequent alien invasions. But the MCU is evolving into something quite different from the comics, simply because the scale of events at Avengers: Infinity War Y Avengers Endgame it was too big. Thanos literally erased half of the living creatures in the universe for five years, and that can’t just be forgotten. Consequently, while the Disney + television series as Hawk and winter soldier They are still inspired by the comics, they are set in a very different world.

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So what comic book characters have been introduced to the MCU in the first two episodes of Hawk and winter soldierand how have they adapted?

John Walker, the new Captain America

Wyatt Russell has been introduced as the new Captain America, chosen by the United States government to wield the shield. John Walker appears to be a highly respected and decorated soldier who has shown his heroism at the front lines in numerous combat zones, and also seems relatively comfortable with being used as a propaganda tool by the government. In addition, he masters the use of the shield in combat with surprising ease; as Spider-Man pointed out in Captain America: Civil War, does not exactly obey the laws of physics.

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In the comics, John Walker began his vigilante career as a Super-Patriot, campaigning against Steve Rogers, who he claimed was out of date. He was chosen by the US government to become the new Captain America when Steve resigned, but he proved completely unsuitable for the role, with Rogers forced to take him down, and he took on the role of US Agent. its place. The comic book version of John Walker is actually a super soldier, who has undergone experimental procedures at the hands of the Power Broker.

Lemar Hoskins, Battlestar

In the comics, Lemar Hoskins was a former soldier who underwent Power Broker’s experiments and worked alongside John Walker as the modern version of Bucky; Marvel changed their codename to Battlestar because they felt that “Bucky” had racial overtones for a black character. Hoskins was quite a shady character, happily leading attacks at Super-Patriot rallies to build support for Walker’s brand, and he continued to lead a group of phony terrorists even after Walker became Captain America. Today he generally performs as a low-level superhero and occasional mercenary. The MCU version of Battlestar is played by Clé Bennett, and so far he appears to be a loyal friend and longtime military colleague to the new Captain America. Whether it will turn out as bleak as its comic book equivalent remains to be seen.

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Isaiah Bradley

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 2 featured Isaiah Bradley, a forgotten super soldier from the Korean War. The character is drawn directly from Robert Morales Truth: red, white and black 2003 miniseries, which revealed the secret history of the super soldier program in a plot based on the infamous Tuskegee Study. There, Isaiah was one of the few black recruits who survived the super soldier experiments, although given the color of his skin he was never celebrated as Captain America; He was court-martialed for daring to wear Cap’s costume on a mission and was imprisoned for 17 years.

The MCU version of Isaiah Bradley has been tweaked a bit, moved from its WWII context to the Korean War, and actually crossed paths with the Winter Soldier in 1951. Unfortunately, his fate coincided with the inspiration. from his comic, and he too was jailed – he only turned 30, not 17. It will be fascinating to learn more about the MCU’s Isaiah, played by Carl Lumbly; Hopefully, Marvel will even give viewers a flashback to the clash with Winter Soldier, where he apparently ripped Bucky’s cyborg arm off.


Patriot and Sam in Falcon and Winter Soldier

It’s easy to miss but The Falcon and the Winter Soldier it also featured Elijah Richardson as Isaiah’s grandson, Elijah Bradley. In the comics, Elijah joined the Young Avengers as the superhero Patriot, initially pretending to be a super soldier by using illegal enhancement drugs. The MCU is clearly setting up a Young Avengers project, so it’s reasonable to assume viewers will see a lot more of Elijah.

Flag destroyer

Falcon Winter Soldier Erin Kellyman as Karli Morgenthau Flag-Smasher

Played by Erin Kellyman, Karli Morgenthau is the leader of a terrorist group called Flag-Smashers who are actually nostalgic for the Blips. Apparently the five-year jump in Avengers Endgame it concealed a massive shift in geopolitics, with nationalism collapsing in the face of shared pain. Now, nationalism is making a comeback, and those who fought to make their version of a better world from Blip resent that things have simply returned to normal. Karli appears to have stolen super soldier serum from the Power Broker, and her group seems to be considered one of the most dangerous threats out there right now.

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Karli Morgenthau is a gender-reversed version of the comics’ first Flag-Smasher, Karl Morgenthau, the son of a Swedish diplomat who became radicalized after his father’s death. He decided to achieve a world of peace by directly attacking the symbols of nationalism, and naturally that meant he saw Captain America as a primary target. At one point, he teamed up with John Walker during the latter’s stint as Captain America.

The power corridor

Falcon and the winter soldier villain royal runner

The Power Broker has only been mentioned so far, but Hawk and winter soldier Episode 2 involved that the Flag-Smashers stole his super soldier serum, and he goes to great lengths to kill them as an act of revenge. In the comics, two figures were associated with the name Power Broker; The ruthless businessman Curtiss Jackson and scientist Karlin Malus, who worked together as part of a company called Power Broker Inc.The two often met with cross-purposes, and Jackson even broke Malus’s legs as punishment after a treason. It will be fascinating to see how the Power Broker is handled in Hawk and winter soldier.

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