Batman just had his own devastating event that Gotham refers to as ‘A-Day’, and mirrors the ‘A-Day’ from Marvel’s Avengers video game.

Warning! Spoilers for DC Infinite border # 0 and jester # 1 below!

The return of DC Comics to the present after Future state go Batman reeling from the devastation of ‘A-Day’, and it could be worse than ‘A-Day’ on Avengers experienced in his recent video game. Both events saw great losses and failures on the part of their respective heroes, although it seems doubtful that Batman can recover from the destruction of Arkham Asylum in the same way that Earth’s mightiest heroes have. The change in the status quo in Gotham and the consequences for Batman could be too insurmountable for the Dark Knight to overcome and get back to the way things were.

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In Marvel’s Avengers In story mode for the Crystal Dynamics game, the Avengers were celebrating the grand opening of a new headquarters and helicopter in San Francisco, powered by terrigen crystals. However, a malfunction during a terrorist attack caused the helicopter to explode from its experimental power source, causing massive devastation and a terrible fog wave that gave various citizens unwanted and potentially unstable powers. Captain America was also believed to have been assassinated and the Avengers disbanded as a result, leading to the rise of AIM to take his place. As such, the terrible event was known around the world as ‘A Day’.

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In contrast, Batman and Gotham just had their own ‘A-Day’ in the comics, seen on the pages of DC. Infinite Border # 0. Seemingly attacked by the Joker (or at least made to look like it), Arkham Asylum was hit by a massive gas attack that claimed hundreds of lives in the resulting explosion, and Batman was unable to reach Arkham before it was too long. afternoon. In Joker # 1 From writer James Tynion IV with art by Guillem March, former Commissioner Jim Gordon details the events of ‘A-Day’ as well as the dark pun behind the name.


The fact that Batman City sees this attack on Arkham as “one day” in Gotham is horrifying and immensely tragic. It also communicates the city’s desire to change and prevent similar events like The Joker War, City of Bane, War of Joker and Riddles, Zero Year, and countless other threats from being so common. Unfortunately, Gotham has turned its fears and anger on Batman and his vigilante family, and many citizens see them as part of the problem, wanting to be banned from committing any more hero jobs that they see as making things worse.

Batman’s ‘A-Day’ may well be the last straw, and it’s possible that Gotham’s mayor is making his stance against Batman even stronger than ever. While Ms. Marvel’s Kamala Khan’s efforts resulted in Earth’s mightiest heroes gathering together to fight the evil AIM in the Avengers game, the Dark Knight will not be able to return to a sense of normalcy as he did. It seems as if things have irrevocably changed for bat Man, and you will have no choice but to face the new depths of darkness that Gotham is sinking into in future editions of DC Comics.

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