Big Brother is known for starting home shows, but sometimes that romance lasts long after all the guests are evicted.

Older brother is known for daring competitions, the expectation of the unexpected, and shows involving Nicole Franzel and others. While I was locked in the Older brother home all summer long, quite a few guests tend to set off a summer romance. Franzel, a star and champion, has competed in three seasons and has dated three guests since she first played. Older brother. She’s known for her quality gameplay and strong social gameplay, but she’s also known for being a part of some of the most popular showmans on the show.

Nicole was single when she entered the house during seasons 16 and 18. An affair broke out with fellow guest Hayden Voss during season 16 and ended shortly after the end of the season. During season 18, Nicole met Corey Brooks and also pursued this romance outside the house. After her breakup with Corey, Nicole reconnected with another fellow BB18 guest, Victor Arroyo. Two seasons later, Nicole and Victor returned to the Older brother home as guests and this time, they left as boyfriends.

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Nicole’s first show started in 2014 when she met Hayden. The pair weren’t rushing to kiss on camera, but the spark between them was obviously there. When guests lit up her spark, her BB16 partner Christine Brecht put the show known as “Haycole” on for eviction, leading to Hayden’s departure. The romance continued outside the home for a short time, but it is unclear when the couple broke up. Nicole made the separation known before playing again, telling everyone that she was single and that she was playing for herself this time.

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Despite not wanting to be caught up in another showmance, Nicole met Corey in 2016 during her second summer as Older brother invited. Their romance was the talk of the season, and the pair went pretty far in the competition. But inevitably they were nominated side by side just before the semi-finals. Nicole was named the season 18 champion and dated Corey after the season ended. While the reason for the split is unknown, it is assumed that the distance between Michigan and Texas was too much for the duo to handle, making them another show ending in a breakup.

During season 18, Nicole also met Victor, who was just a friend during her time at the house. The former guests reunited a year later for the season 19 premiere, and it all fell into place. During season 20, Nicole surprised guests by hosting a competition. Victor also had a surprise for Nicole and proposed to her in the same house where they met. She returned as an All-Star for season 22, and as a newly engaged woman, she played the game without any entertainment to distract her.

After many postponements, Nicole and Victor were married on Tuesday, March 16. His closest friends and family gathered for a small celebration in Winter Park, Florida. The couple are expecting their first child this summer. She is the third woman to play this game that has won the grand prize and love. After participating in some shows during his time at Older brother, the former guest has finally found her happy ending and is ready to start a family.

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