In a series of shonen action like Bleach, some characters are destined to lose their lives in combat, by murder, or even by sacrificing their own lives. Compared to some of its peers, Bleach he is a bit cautious when it comes to killing his characters; in fact, no main characters died at any point in the entire Soul Society arc.

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Sometimes a character is too powerful to face a serious risk of death in his fight scenes, or the character received help or had an escape plan in mind when his life was threatened. A slightly more cynical but no less valid opinion is that some characters escaped death simply because their plot armor was thick enough, which is certainly common in shonen stories. In any case, when will Bleach the characters avoid death while they could easily have died?

10 Kon, when Rukia defended her defense

Kon relaxing on a table

Mod souls were a failed experiment. The idea was that Soul Candy could be equipped with a special mod soul inside, and that mod soul could control a human’s body and fight Hollows with unique abilities. However, all of the mod souls were soon withdrawn and destroyed, except for one.

Rukia Kuchiki obtained this mod soul by accident, and when Kisuke Urahara offered to destroy it, Rukia came to the defense of the mod soul, and was saved. Now called Kon, the mod soul survived as a lovable companion at Ichigo Kurosaki’s party.

9 When Ichigo survived his first fight with Byakuya Kuchiki

Ichigo Kurosaki, as the shonen leader, cheated death several times during the history of Bleach. The first time came near the end of the show’s first season, when he fought Byakuya Kuchiki and Renji Abarai to prevent Rukia from being arrested and imprisoned.

This battle turned out quite bad for Ichigo, who was unprepared for the lethal speed and precision of Byakuya’s fast pace. Byakuya knocked Ichigo down, and Ichigo nearly bled to death until Kisuke rescued him. That was close.

8 When Momo narrowly survived Aizen by stabbing her

Later in the Soul Society story arc, Captain Sosuke Aizen revealed himself to be the traitor, and tried to tie up some loose ends before departing the Soul Society for Hueco Mundo. He faced his lieutenant, Momo Hinamori, and hugged her. But this was not a fatherly hug.

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Aizen coldly said “bye Momo” and impaled her on his zanpakuto, aiming to kill her. Fortunately for her, Momo narrowly survived this deadly encounter, and was cured with some kido spells in no time. Tragically, Momo would get stabbed once more on Aizen’s account in a later story arc (but she survived that too).

7 When Mayuri turned into an indestructible snot to escape from Uryu

In the middle of the Soul Society arc, the mad scientist Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi confronted Orihime Inoue and Uryu Ishida, and tried to capture the former. Uryu defended Orihime and engaged Mayuri in mortal combat, actually turning Captain Kurotsuchi upside down.

Despite using his formidable bankai, Mayuri suffered a fatal blow and Uryu truly intended to kill him. But at the last second, Mayuri melted into an unkillable green slime and withdrew. He would rebuild himself later, and none of Uryu’s arrows could finish him off. That was too close.

6 When Orihime Revived Ichigo In Las Noches

Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach

Midway through the Hueco Mundo story arc, Ichigo fought and lost to Ulquiorra Schiffer, the fourth Espada. Ichigo was presumed dead and, in fact, he looked dead. Nelliel was crying, until Grimmjow Jaegerjaques arrived and brought Orihime with him.

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Following Grimmjow’s stern request, Orihime placed her hands on Ichigo’s wounded chest and used her unique power to reverse the damage, but it wasn’t easy given the dense and dark nature of Ulquiorra’s spirit energy. It was a miracle that Orihime brought Ichigo back.

5 When Aizen became truly immortal

Sosuke Aizen was very powerful and had an entire Arrancar army behind him. But even that wasn’t enough for him. He sought to become the new ruler of the heavens and used the stolen Hogyoku to make that dream come true. A pinch of immortality is also required.

Aizen became truly unkillable when he merged with the Hogyoku, and could even live for more than 20,000 years, if not longer. What’s more, he could cast devastating kido spells around him, but without taking damage, as when he tried to break free from his prison chair. Death will never call Sosuke Aizen.

4 When Toshiro Hitsugaya used an ice illusion to avoid Halibel’s attack

Toshiro hitsugaya bleach

Squad 10’s Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya dueled the third Sword, Halibel Level, during the Fake Kurakara Town arc. During their sword duel, Toshiro began to lag behind, and then Halibel revealed his true form, Tiburon. She performed an ultra-fast attack that (apparently) fatally split Toshiro in half.

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But not so fast. Toshiro had used an ice mirror clone to replace it, and that clone is what split in half. Both the spectators and Halibel were shocked, and the real Toshiro stepped forward, ready to fight. However, that trick wouldn’t work twice on Halibel; He can only cheat death once like that.

3 When Ichigo’s Vasto Lorde form took over

At two different points in Bleach, Ulquiorra apparently killed Ichigo in battle, only for Ichigo to get up again to fight another day. The second instance occurred when Ichigo fought against Ulquiorra’s released form and died, sustaining a hole-shaped wound to his chest.

Ichigo was practically dead, but then the full extent of his inner Hollow emerged, wearing a new horned mask and powers at the level of Vasto Lorde that rivaled Ulquiorra’s. Once Ulquiorra was defeated, Ichigo returned to being himself, with all injuries healed.

two When Byakuya survived his own bankai being used against him

At the beginning of the Thousand Year Blood War arc, the Sternritters arrived and had the ability to steal bankai through special medallions. The terrifying Sternritter named As Nodt used his medallion to steal Senbonzakura Kageyoshi and turned it against its owner.

It was a wonder that Byakuya survived this, not having a bankai of his own to call upon for his defense (and it seemed like it was too late to use kido). He was about to die, but he clung to life long enough to heal himself at the hands of Zero Squad. Byakuya had never been beaten so badly.

1 Jushiro Ukitake, when Mimihagi saved him

The Captain of Squad 13 is a nice guy named Jushiro Ukitake, but during the Soul Society arc, he was often bedridden, and that wasn’t unusual for him. He’s pretty sick, but he’s lucky to be alive. Only Mimihagi, the Soul King’s right hand man, was able to prevent his death.

As a child, Jushiro was dying of a lung disease, until his parents prayed to the Mimihagi shrine. Mimihagi embedded herself in Jushiro’s body and saved him, and later, Jushiro sacrificed his borrowed life to help save the Soul King from Yhwach’s machinations.

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