The Doctor Who franchise is tied to the massive Time Lord Victorious crossover – this is how The Lonely Assassins game connects to the event.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Doctor Who: The Lone Killers, Available now.

Since September 2020, Doctor who The franchise has unveiled a great cross-platform crossover: Victorious time lord. The crossover has been explored through novels, comics, audiobooks, and the Daleks! animated series, and while each story can be enjoyed on its own, they all enrich each other as part of the narrative thread of Victorious time lord. Now, the latest entry in the franchise has just arrived, in the form of Maze Theory’s. Doctor Who: The Lone Killers mobile game.

As Victorious time lord has yet to wrap up, fans might wonder if the “found phone” adventure game connects to the crossover event. So you do it? Well the short answer is no, it’s not tied to the crossover narrative, but the game still includes a brief nod.

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In The lone killers, users play as an unnamed character who finds a phone that once belonged to Larry Nightingale, a man who has disappeared. Before long, they are contacted by Petronella Osgood, agent of the Unified Intelligence Task Force, or UNIT. The organization has long been part of the Doctor who mythology. In fact, UNIT has often partnered with the Doctor to deal with alien threats, such as in the Sontaran attack from season 4 or the attempted invasion of Zygons in the series’ 50th anniversary special, “Doctor’s Day.” .

Since the Doctor is not always on Earth, UNIT is responsible for protecting the planet from Cybermen, Sontarans, Zygons, and much more when the Time Lord is not around. That’s why Osgood contacts players on The lone killers, so they can help her solve the mystery of Larry Nightingale’s disappearance.

While exchanging text messages with Osgood, users have the opportunity to ask the UNIT agent for more information about the Doctor and the organization he works for. It is while she offers answers that Osgood refers to. Victorious time lord. In fact, when he talks about UNIT’s current tasks, he mentions that some agents are trying to solve a “time fracture debacle”.

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This mention of a “time fracture” refers to Doctor Who: Time Fracture, a game similar to an escape room and an immersive theatrical adventure that will begin in the spring of 2021 in London. While few details are known about the theatrical experience, we do know that the people who participate in Time fracture They will essentially become UNIT recruits to help solve the mystery surrounding a rift that opens in time and space, a rift that is directly connected to the Victorious time lord Cross.

Therefore, while adventuring in The lone killers does not revolve around Victorious time lord, Osgood makes a mention of the crossover event. Furthermore, this connection extends to the UNIT itself. After all, in 2019 Doctor who In the episode “Resolution”, the Thirteenth Doctor tried to contact UNIT, but was surprised to learn that the organization was gone. However, thanks to Victorious time lord and now The lone killersWe know that UNIT is still there, keeping Earth safe. The organization may not be what it was, but its agents are still dedicated to protecting the planet. And that means UNIT could return to the television series very soon.

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins is now available to download on iOS, Android, and Steam.

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