The Falcon and the Winter Soldier it’s mostly about who will become the next Captain America, but the show has also introduced an alternate form of Bucky from the Lemar Hoskins comics, known as Battlestar. And many different characters have been Bucky in the main Marvel Comics universe over the years.

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There have also been several alternate versions of the character from different realities and timelines. They all connect to the original Bucky Barnes in some way, but provide different interpretations of the character’s background, powers, and story. Most of the Buckys have been heroes, but not all.

10 Julia Winters “Baby Bucky”

Nomad Julia Winters Baby Bucky

One of the strangest Buckys in comics is Julia Winters or “Baby Bucky”. She was a little girl chronologically adopted by the second Bucky, Jack Monroe. By the time he took in Julia, he was acting like Nomad.

He debuted in the 1991 limited series Nomad written by Fabian Nicieza and drawn by James Fry. Nomad named her Bucky and even dressed her in a baby Bucky outfit, while trying to find her birth mother. She was later adopted into a new family and Julia has not been seen in the comics since.

9 Rick jones

Captain america rick jones bucky

The third character to inherit the role of Bucky in the comics was Rick Jones, who is perhaps best known for being Bruce Banner’s friend, the Incredible Hulk. Jones looked so much like Captain America’s sidekick Bucky Barnes that Steve Rogers thought it was him.

Jones gradually fell into the role of Bucky, acting as Captain America’s sidekick for a time, but Rogers’ latent grief for Barnes eventually made either of them have a hard time continuing and Jones left the role.

8 Ultimate Bucky

Bucky Barnes Ultimate Marvel

In the original Marvel comics, before Bucky was the Winter Soldier, he had died in WWII. In the Ultimate Comics universe, which began in the early 2000s to bring new readers to Marvel Comics without the burden of continuity, Bucky never died. An old man suffering from cancer survives to this day.

He reunited with Captain America after coming out of the ice, but his adventures are not over. He discovers that Red Skull, one of Captain America’s most powerful villains, is the son of Steve Rogers and Bucky’s wife, Gail.

7 White skull

White Skull What if Bucky Barnes?

The Red Skull would take on great importance in another alternate version of the Marvel Universe. In What if: Captain America Beginning in 2005, Bucky becomes a villain known as the White Skull. This version of the classic Captain America takes place during the Civil War rather than WWII, with Barnes as a deceptive Union colonel.

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Barnes’s skin is burned and only his scary skeletal face remains. He had no superpowers, but he was cunning and skilled in battle, making him a dangerous foe.

6 House of M

M Bucky Barnes House

House of M it was a seminal comic that greatly influenced WandaVision. In the alternate reality that Wanda Maximoff created, Bucky Barnes is a government agent tasked with a very important mission: to kill Magneto, the head of the House of M and leader of Genosha.

He arrives in the country on a clandestine mission and manages to kill Charles Xavier, but fails to eliminate Magneto. However, Magneto does not fail and kills Barnes. Share the strength and enhanced abilities of the main Bucky universe.

5 Rebecca Barnes

Nomad Rebecca Rikki Barnes

An alternate version of Bucky comes courtesy of Exiles, a superhero team that jumps out of dimension. They visited a dimension where Steve Rogers died before taking the Super Soldier Serum. That fell to Peggy Carter, who became a version of Captain America instead.

She took in Rebecca Barnes, who became her partner. After Peggy and other heroes died in the war, Becky, as she was known, joined the Exiles. He eventually developed a relationship with his teammate Valkyrie, who was based on the MCU version of the character.

4 Rikki Barnes

Nomad Rikki Barnes

Another female version of Bucky also comes from a different reality. In the 90s, the Avengers and the Fantastic Four were thrown into a pocket universe during an event called Heroes reborn.

In that universe, fans met Rebecca “Rikki” Barnes, Peggy Carter’s granddaughter. He dons a costume and becomes the new Bucky, fighting alongside Steve Rogers. A version of her eventually reaches the Earth-616 universe, where she becomes Nomad and fights the second version of the Flag-Smasher.

3 Fred davis

Fred Davis Bucky Barnes V Battlion

Fred Davis is an alternate Bucky from another What if..? history. He first appeared as Bucky in What if..? # 4 in August 1977. In this story, Davis takes the mantle of Bucky after Barnes and Captain America have been assassinated. After the war, he joined the V-Battalion, an organization dedicated to hunting down war criminals.

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Davis remained with V-Battalion for the rest of his life, bringing criminals to justice around the world. He was eventually killed by a Red Room assassin, who was searching for and destroying all of the Buckys. Unbeknownst to Davis, Barnes was still alive as The Winter Soldier.

two Nomadic

Jack Monroe Nomad bucky

In continuity, the first man to take up the mantle of Bucky after Barnes was Jack Monroe. He took the same super soldier serum that created Captain America and fought side by side with him in the early 1950s as Bucky.

This all came about through a series of retcons in the comics, as Monroe wasn’t actually introduced until Captain America # 153 in September 1972, several years after Rick Jones was Bucky. Monroe eventually leaves the role behind and becomes Nomad, a title that once belonged to Steve Rogers as well.

1 Battlestar

Battlestar was briefly Bucky in the ’80s when John Walker became Captain America (later became Agent USA). Lemar Hoskins was actually a member of the BUCkies, or Bold Urban Commandos, a squad of fighters who served as more or less sidekicks to Walker when he was initially the Super-Patriot.

Complaints from fans and legendary comic book writer Dwayne McDuffie led writer Mark Gruenwald to change Hoskins’ name, since the word ‘buck’ had unfortunate connotations for African American men dating back to the Civil War. Gruenwald changed the name to Battlestar starting with Captain America # 341.

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