It didn’t take long for Groot to solidify his reputation as a fan favorite among the Guardians. Here are some hilarious memes featuring this hero.

I am Groot. These three seemingly simple words hide much more meaning in them than many fans originally suspected. Those who saw Groot for the first time in the Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) might not have immediately realized that Groot was a much more complex and intelligent alien being than he appears.

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However, it didn’t take long for Groot to cement his reputation as a fan favorite among the Guardians. His brave sacrifice at the end of the first movie made him a true hero. And since returning to the MCU, Groot has become even more popular. So much so that fans are busy creating lots of funny memes about everyone’s favorite talking tree.

10 Look at the language!

Great meme

Groot is such a popular member of the Guardians of the Galaxy that it’s easy to forgive him for so many things. Including the fact that despite being a baby, he doesn’t beat around the bush when he feels like it. Fortunately for Groot, even if Captain America was present during this scene, he might not realize what Groot was really saying, at least until Rocket dropped the beans.

And once it did, the famous ‘Language!’ Del Capitan could go on. But it’s doubtful that Groot learns his lesson, he just does what he wants, and that’s one of the reasons fans love him.

9 How Groot dates women

Groot Meme 3 words, 8 letters

Just because Groot is a tree doesn’t mean he can’t be romantic sometimes. But while others have many options, Groot cannot be picky.

Their repertoire is much more limited, at least for those who do not speak the same language. In this case, the woman in question certainly wants to hear the three magic words: I love you. But the best that Groot can offer is his iconic phrase: I am Groot!

8 The best guardian

Groot Meme, Groot is the best avenger

The second Guardians of the Galaxy 2017 movie smartly sprayed baby Groot throughout the entire story. And every time Baby Groot showed up, it was cause for celebration.

But some fans believe that the movie would be just as successful if baby Groot was in every scene and the story primarily focused on him. It’s probably not that much of a stretch considering that Groot is responsible for some of the funniest or most emotionally charged scenes in the movie.

7 How to avoid an awkward conversation

Great meme

Groot’s seemingly limited vocabulary is a good example of avoiding awkward or downright unpleasant conversations with relatives. All the person needs to do is answer “I am Groot” to each question that is asked.

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Sooner or later, family members will get the hint and change the subject. Unless they can speak Groot and know what each answer really means.

6 How Groot really died

Great meme

Groot sacrificed his life in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie in 2014 to protect his friends. But this meme shows another possible version of his disappearance. This time, Captain America and Iron Man mistakenly cut Groot to pieces.

This probably won’t go well for the couple when Rocket finds out.

5 A moment to dance

Great meme

Part of Groot’s charm is that he is so upbeat and happy most of the time. The opening scene of the second Guardians of the Galaxy shows it well. Groot is dancing carefree in the world, while the rest of the team battles a giant space monster.

Not everyone can be like Groot all the time, but sometimes it feels good to emulate him and take a moment to dance.

4 When Groot gets mad

Great meme

Groot is relaxed and happy most of the time. But when one of the Ravagers behaves hideously towards him and taunts him, Groot is quick to let his rage unleash when it reaches the man in question.

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But even when he yells or acts more cruel, he still manages to be more lovable than all the MCU superheroes combined. That is a true superpower.

3 The most lovable hero

Groot is the cutest guardian meme

This meme proves what many fans already knew: that Groot is awesome! Instantly became a fan favorite in the first Guardians of the GalaxyEven more so once he sacrificed his life to save the team.

Fans thought it might be impossible to beat Groots’ original form, but changed their minds when Groot arrived as baby Groot. Both Groots are incredibly adorable.

two The invisible dancer

Great meme

Some people do not like others to see them dance. Possibly because they are self-conscious about their ability to dance. Groot seems to have no such problems.

He just stops dancing when Drax watches because a) Drax doesn’t seem to like dancing, and b) Groot doesn’t have much affection for Drax right now. Either way, Groot is identifiable in this meme thanks to pretending he’s not dancing when someone is looking at him.

1 How to look smart online

Great meme

In the modern world, it is difficult to draw attention to social media, simply because there are so many people on it! But if you want to know how to make smart posts on social media or blogging, this tip seems like a no-brainer.

Groot is one of the most beloved Guardians out there, so if saying the same thing over and over again works for him, it might work for other people too.

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