Kim Kardashian is being called a hypocrite by fans for not opening up about her divorce from Kanye West on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Kim Kardashian is coming under fire for her hypocrisy. While Kim refuses to open up about the details of her divorce with Kanye West in keeping up with the Kardashians, viewers are starting to call her a hypocrite. In previous seasons of the show, Kim was irritated with her older sister Kourtney Kardashian for not wanting to open up about her own personal matters in front of the cameras. Now, Kim is embracing the same private lifestyle.

After months of rumors and speculation, Kim finally filed for divorce from Kanye in February. Kim and Kanye were perceived to be in trouble for quite some time before Kim’s breaking point. In the leaked divorce documents, it is stated that Kim is seeking a divorce due to irreconcilable differences. He also requests full joint custody with Kanye over their four children. Since their introduction, Kim and Kanye no longer communicate. In fact, Kim is supposedly only allowed to speak to Kanye through his security.

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With only two episodes from the last season of KUWTK It’s already airing, fans aren’t very happy with Kim anymore. Reddit Users are calling Kim a hypocrite for not opening up about her divorce from Kanye. It’s not fair that Kim tends to give Kourtney a hard time by being more private with her personal life, but when she wants to be private, nobody flinches. In reality, despite being the most shy of the family, Kourtney has shared most of the details of her personal life over the past 20 seasons. The family is allowing Kim to have her space, something they rarely did with Kourtney. Fans even called out Khloe Kardashian for respecting Kim’s decision to remain quiet without giving her other sister the same respect.

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Although Kim and Kanye’s divorce is quite complicated due to their mental health battles, fans noted that Kourtney’s ex Scott Disick was also dealing with his own mental health struggles, such as addiction. The only major difference factor here is that Scott is paid a large sum to be on the show, while Kanye tends to walk away from filming even when he and Kim get along. A better comparison would be when Khloe shared some extremely private and harsh details of her divorce from Lamar Odom on the show. One fan pointed out that it could have to do in part with their contracts on the show, which are supposed to change over time.

There are some double standards within the Kardashian family when it comes to sharing their personal lives. Although Kim has so far refused to go into detail about her differences with Kanye, there is still time for this to potentially change. In a trailer for the last season of keeping up with the Kardashians, Kim was seen crying while calling herself a loser. This breakdown is probably his divorce from Kanye or his law school exams. Fans will just have to continue keep up to find out.

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