What League of Legends’ Prodigal explorer, Ezreal’s carefree personality, and stealthy gameplay have earned him a dedicated following, one that is perhaps best demonstrated by his cosplayers. Due to his many excursions around Runeterra …League world – Ezreal’s many experiences offer a wide range of possible interpretations for enthusiasts to consider and develop.

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Considering that it is one of League Older and more popular characters, Ezreal has also had the luxury of appearing in numerous mask lines (i.e. costumes). Whether he focuses on his adventurous disposition or the magic glove he uses for offense and defense, Ezreal’s cosplays bring the champion to life in countless ways.

10 Dreaming of adventure

Encapsulating the dreamy side of Ezreal’s personality, @arkluden gaze into the distance as if fantasizing about the crypts and ruins of Shurima or the frozen mountains of Frelijord. Although Ezreal’s default appearance is more casual than that of some of the other top fantasy champions the game features, although the anachronistic elements of his outfit speak to his travels through time and space, the cosplay does not shy away from his iconic glove.

The aviator jacket and goggles also scream “adventurous,” as Ezreal looks poised and ready to launch into any kind of action.

9 A starry-eyed wanderer

Paying homage to the Magical Girls genre, the “Star Guardian” mask line reinvents champions in a setting reminiscent of Sailor moon. As an adventurer and explorer, Ezreal feels right at home within this thematic context, and cosplayer @pixelcosplay depicts this iteration of the champion with astonishing precision.

Adopting a more somber demeanor that is enhanced by the emphasis of blue in the costume and backdrop, the cosplay captures the duality of whimsical magic and sobering danger that is often addressed in the genre. Particular attention is paid to Ezreal’s glove, which subtly takes on the qualities of a girl’s magic wand.

8 Cool and casually transcendent media

Like the world of League of Legends has come to life in increasing levels of theater and animation, the appearance of fan-favorite characters has also taken on new dimensions of representation. Featured in the cinematic of season 20 “Warriors, “Ezreal’s duet with Kai’Sa is full of energy and personality.

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@nevircosplay Takes advantage of the casual charisma exuded by Ezreal in the video with his cosplay that indexes the champion’s egocentric charm. This cosplay exemplifies the way in which Ezreal could extend an invitation to adventure, but it is very likely that he will abandon any fellow traveler at the first sign of danger or inconvenience, although he could do so only to organize an emotional rescue mission for the good. of a better story.

7 The lure of wanderlust

Whether it’s his seemingly pure desire for exploration or his smug disregard for rules or others in pursuit of adventure, there is almost something childish about Ezreal’s propensity to travel. Posing with the affectation of an outlaw, @leoontimboo channels this aspect of Ezreal’s personality and brings it to life through his cosplay.

As seen here, Ezreal appears to take a cowboy stance, which fits in perfectly with the champion’s themed and traditional styles. Part of the character’s charm is how everyday her outfit is, almost understated until the power glove is noticeable, and @ leoontimboo’s cosplay skillfully plays on this exact effect.

6 A completed adventure is a job well done

There is a very different air of mischief about Ezreal, and @ vincentwu123 exhibits this characteristic particularly well. Part of Ezreal’s catch is that his many adventures aren’t exactly legal; @ vincentwu123 seems to be posing triumphantly in a way that not only speaks to exploratory success, but could also serve to frame him for some law he violated along the way.

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The pedestrians in the background emphasize the informal and understated qualities of cosplay, but their presence also enhances Ezreal’s mischievous and mystical personality, almost as if the prodigious explorer briefly found his way into the world, posed for a photo, and then returned to the scene. Crack.

5 Provocative thoughts

Just as you can use emoticons or type “/ dance” within the game to interact with players, champions also have numerous lines of dialogue that are used as “taunts.” Ezreal’s is particularly iconic as he says, “you belong in a museum.” This mockery may seem innocuous, but when spam is repeatedly sent it has a much more antagonistic effect.

Using the insult as a title, @viickyscarlet posing as an Ezreal seemingly deep in thought, though he’s likely just considering the best way to irritate his opponent. In addition to wowing viewers with the recurring blue, this cosplay pays special attention to Ezreal’s power glove and emphasizes the arcane and ornate elements of the device.

4 The aristocratic sword

@renton_torston delves into Ezreal’s cosplay scene with his rendition of “Ace of Spades.” While the outfit and posture are more regal than the more casual versions of Ezreal, the smile conveys the same arrogant energy that is felt in every iteration of the champion.

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Eschewing the aviator jacket for a king’s inner court attire, the blues and golds of the suit quickly signify this Ezreal’s aristocratic nature. Interestingly, the power glove, rather than being ornate or jeweled, is more mundane, as it appears similar to armored gloves that soldiers can wear, although the understated nature of Ezreal’s weapon is certainly an ace up its sleeve.

3 A star in the night

With a keen eye and a determined step, @keymini’s Star Guardian Ezreal looks cool and ready to take over the world. The gold trim on the cosplay is particularly eye-catching, as the coloring is galactic in nature and speaks to the cosmic motif associated with the fur line.

Representing the more determined and focused side of Ezreal’s personality, @keymini’s countenance is devoid of the sad smile commonly found on the scout’s face – here’s a guardian ready to fight a war between good and evil that spans the entire universe.

two A vintage blitz

The ultimate ability of a champion tends to be the most iconic in League of Legends, and Ezreal is no exception: his “Trueshot Barrage” fires a massive energy wave in a line that travels completely across the game’s map.

Incorporating a skill like this into a cosplay can be next to impossible, but @ minus10degreescelsius He manifests magic by including the arc-shaped ethereal energy that surrounds Ezreal’s gauntlet as he fires the projectile. From an earlier iteration of the character design, the cosplay looks more like an archer than the newer, more casual versions, a look that is accentuated by the gauntlet’s energy arc.

1 Stylish Chronoshifting

What League of Legends Opening “Ultimate Skin”, Pulse Fire Ezreal pushed the boundaries and prominently displayed the evolving quality of in-game cosmetics. @samui_san Bring the incredible skin design to life, posing with the gauntlet turned blaster ready.

The skin sees Ezreal transformed into an adventurer who leaps through time and space, and the futuristic design of the battle suit he wears speaks to the advanced technology of his travels. In-game, Ezreal’s armor improves and progresses as he gains levels during a match, culminating in a final form that puts all the jokes aside in favor of pure firepower, a look this cosplay encapsulates with the cannon. empowered and tactical visor. .

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