Good to see the gang reunited again.


Things are going well for Mission: Impossible 7, What Simon Pegg He has shared a new photo of himself and two other stars from the film. On March 16, the actor posted a behind-the-scenes photo. to your Instagram account of himself lifting Rebecca ferguson, who will reprise her role as Ilsa Foust in her third ME property. Pegg will also return as Benji Dunn, his fifth time in the role.

Pegg and Ferguson were having fun on set when the director Christopher McQuarrie He took the photo of them playing. Seen in the background is Ving rhames, who is back in all his Luther Stickell glory, taking some notes from a crew member. Rhames has appeared in all ME film since his debut in 1996, serving as Ethan Hunt (Tom cruise) the right hand.


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Recently added to the cast were Rob delaney (Catastrophe), Mark gatiss (Sherlock), Indira varma (game of Thrones), Charles Parnell (The last ship) Y Cary elwes (Mountain range). Esai morales is set to star in the villain of the new sequel, after replacing Nicholas Hoult in May of last year. Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter) is also a new face who joins the franchise and is promised that she will look nothing like the other women on the long list of ME Films.

It’s great to see things keep moving forward in the M: me 7 established, especially after so many setbacks during the height of the coronavirus pandemic last year. Filming resumed last October in Italy, and everything has gone according to plan for the most part. M: me 7 Y Mission: Impossible 8 They were originally going to be shot consecutively, but the subsequent sequel has been called off due to the pandemic, as well as Cruise’s upcoming press assignments for Top Gun: Maverick.

Mission: Impossible 7 It will be released on November 21. Check out Pegg’s hilarious set photo below.

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