At AnimeJapan 2021, Netflix talks about their upcoming anime roster, revealing the new Seinen Record of Ragnarok action series and a trailer for Eden.

Netflix to release 40 new anime titles this year, including Ragnarok Record Y Eden.

At the AnimeJapan 2021 virtual convention, Netflix made several announcements regarding its upcoming anime roster, including release dates and trailers for two originals – the action series. Ragnarok Record and sci-fi anime Eden.

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Ragnarok Record It is based on a seinen manga by Azychika, Shinya Umemura, and Takumi Fukui. The anime’s story centers on 13 one-on-one battles between gods and mortals.

the Ragnarok Record anime had previously announced by Warner Bros. Japan, but this was the first announcement that it would premiere on Netflix. The complete series will be released worldwide in June.

Eden, the first Japanese anime series wholly owned by Netflix, will premiere on May 27. Directed by Fullmetal Alchemist: BrotherhoodYasuhiro Irie, this original story takes place in a robot world where humans are believed to be a myth, but two maintenance robots are secretly raising a human girl. Netflix released a teaser date announcement along with a poster.

In addition to these announcements, Netflix introduced key new art for Yasuke, LeSean Thomas’ historical anime starring LaKeith Stanfield as the first African samurai, premiering on April 29.

Netflix’s AnimeJapan 2021 presentation also highlighted previous announcements about the upcoming anime. The way of the householder (released April 8) and RESIDENT EVIL: Infinite darkness (to be released later in 2021).

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