Viewers of The Real Housewives of New Jersey feel that Jennifer Aydin may have a problem when it comes to holding her liquor after watching her drop.

Jennifer Aydin from The Real Housewives of New Jersey has fans a little concerned about his drinking, especially after he was planted in Teresa Giudice’s backyard. While it was hilarious to viewers that Bill Aydin and the rest of the husbands had to get her to the car, many hope there are no underlying issues.

Jennifer spoke with Us weekly, saying she was not an alcoholic. She just “He likes to have a good time.” But many don’t feel that this is an excuse to pass out and become incoherent while drinking. It has been noted that it appears that he has been drinking more during season 11, but that is not the case, according to the housewife. While she claimed to be drinking socially, she also blamed the coronavirus as she was not allowed to socialize, making her a lightweight. Frankly, it looks more like he didn’t eat enough and drank on an empty stomach. While the boys chewed on Italian sandwiches, the women stood admiring each other’s outfits.

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But not everyone is convinced that Tequila Jennifer is a unique experience. During the episode, Margaret Josephs spoke in her confessional, telling fans that she was having a good time, but that this behavior Jennifer exhibited was not the first time she had seen him saying: “This is getting into serious drinking trouble.” the 53 years She also had to defend her comment on Twitter, where she was questioned if she was embarrassing Jennifer or worried about her. The owner of the Macbeth collection responded by saying When someone takes a corner on any night, I’ll say something. “

Margaret made it very clear that it doesn’t help anyone to ignore a problem and that everyone is held accountable. Jennifer doesn’t seem concerned about how she acted and mentioned that her only heron for the pool party was not to spray tan beforehand. Other reality stars stood up for Jennifer, including Leah McSweeney, who felt she was being judged.

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Jennifer has also been in the news for overshadowing Andy Cohen about having his favorites. He recently made an appearance on See what happens live, where he criticized her for the pool party scene and spoke to her. Many feel the episode was unique to Jennifer and even empathized with her, as most of us have had a night of bad drinking. While we may not have been able to sleep in a Ferrari, we all learned our lessons.

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesday at 9pm EST on Bravo

Source: Us weekly Margaret Josephs

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