The Age of the High Republic introduces two terrifying new threats, Nihil and Drengir, but Star Wars has revealed which one is the worst!

Warning! Spoilers ahead Star Wars: Doctor Aphra # 8

Star Wars just confirmed the biggest threat of the Era of the High Republic is the monstrous species known as the Children. The future of Star Wars is in the past, specifically, in the Age of the High Republic. With the Skywalker saga now drawing to a close, Lucasfilm is expanding the Star Wars franchise into new media, the Unknown Regions, and the distant past. Today’s stories set in the High Republic era take place 200 years earlier. Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, at a time when the galaxy was in a relative state of peace.

That peace was shattered by a gang of outlaws called the Nihil, whom Lucasfilm has likened to space Vikings. But as intriguing as the Nihil are, they are not the only terrifying new threat to be revealed in this time period. The Jedi have unknowingly awakened a race of dark side plant creatures that even the Sith were unable to truly defeat, and the monstrous Drengir appear to have been unleashed throughout the galaxy.

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Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Issue # 8, by Alyssa Wong and Minkyu Jung, confirms that the Drengir are the true threat of the High Republic Era. This story takes place between The Empire Strikes Back Y Return of the Jedi, and stars the rebel adventurer and archaeologist Doctor Aphra, who is hired to research Nihil technology that is for sale on the black market. Aphra’s search leads her to the remote world of Dol’har Hyde in the Outer Rim. Although Aphra does not realize it, it is clear that this world was the scene of a battle between the Nihil and the Drengir; The Nihil objected, but it is clear that a large number of their ships were shot down by the forest, which the Drengir control using their mysterious Force powers. It seems that when the Nihil and the Drengir finally met, the Nihil did not fare well.

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Star Wars Nihil Boys Battle

This is the brilliance of Lucasfilm’s current transmedia approach, spanning multiple time periods at once. Dr. Aphra # 8 essentially serves to whet readers’ appetites, to give them a sense of a battle we haven’t seen yet. Evidently, the Drengir menace will spread across the galaxy in the High Republic Era, eventually ending up at war with the Nothing; that makes sense, since the Drengir consider all mammals simply “meat“to be eaten, and they would not agree to a truce. But the interesting question is whether Dol’har Hyde is simply a world that the Drengir visited, or if it is their home world, briefly visited by a lone Jedi in the novel by Claudia gray In the dark.

The interesting question, however, is why does Doctor Aphra know nothing about the Drengir. It is possible that after Children’ defeat during Era of the High Republic, the Jedi will deliberately erase all records of the creatures; they may well represent dark side secrets that the Jedi would rather be forgotten. There may well be many more twists in this great Star Wars transmedia adventure.

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