When evaluating which boyfriends on The Flash would be the best, a fan should also consider the boyfriends who would be the worst.

Though The flash It mainly focuses on superheroes who fight bad guys and protect their city from evil, it also pays close attention to relationships between various characters. They sometimes become friends, but multiple romances have also been featured on the show, most notably Barry and Iris, who started out as friends and eventually got married.

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However, not all romances ended so happily. Sometimes there was no one to blame, but most of the time, one or both parties were to blame. Not all The flash the characters are just that good at dating or just dating someone they weren’t compatible with.

10 Best: Wally West

Wally and Jesse The Flash

Wally struggled to control his emotions at times and to get closer to his family first. However, it soon became apparent that he was sweet, funny, and kind. Wally has a big heart and when he and Jesse started dating, it seemed like he would do anything for her.

The couple didn’t end well when Jesse broke up with Wally over a message, but for a different girl, Wally would make a good match.

9 Worst: Julian Albert

Many fans were thrilled when they learned that Tom Felton would be joining The flash. However, his character Julian Albert didn’t stick around long and he wasn’t the most understanding person. He turned out to be a villain, but even before that, he was cold and sarcastic, sometimes downright rude to Barry.

Julian and Caitlin had a kind of budding romance for a while (even though she kidnapped him first) but it didn’t last and Julian exited the show that same season.

8 Best: Joe West

It is true that Joe’s first marriage did not last. Still, Joe is a devoted father to all of his children and has a strong desire to protect his loved ones. At the same time, he realizes that he has to let his family live its own life.

Joe lets other people go his way, but he’s there for them when they need him. His relationship with Cecile is sweet and full of mutual respect. Joe has been through a lot and taught her a lot about love and other aspects of life.

7 Worst: Eobard Thawne

It probably needs no explanation why Eobard Thawne is not the most suitable romantic prospect, regardless of whether he uses his own face or looks like Harrison Wells.

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Thawne is the Reverse-Flash assassin. He is responsible for many heinous acts, including the murder of Barry’s mother. He is intelligent, but he does not respect human life, which makes him extremely dangerous.

6 Best: Ralph Dibny

The Flash Ralph Sibny Sue Dearbon Identity Crisis

Ralph Dibny wasn’t always a very understanding person. But once he got his powers and joined the Flash team, his life changed. Ralph can be a bit awkward and doesn’t take things seriously.

However, he means well and wants to help his friends. When Killer Frost was sick, he did his best to cheer her up. Ralph is devoted to his loved ones and it is safe to assume that he would take similar care in their romantic relationship as well.

5 Worst: Hunter Zolomon

Unlike Eobard Thawne, Hunter Zolomon, aka the villainous speedster Zoom, actually had a romantic relationship on the show. He briefly dated Caitlin and the two seemed happy together. When he pretended to be Jay Garrick, Hunter was sweet and attentive.

Unfortunately, he eventually showed his true colors and even went as far as kidnapping Caitlin, which is a huge no-no.

4 Best: Cisco Ramon

Cisco is a good person; there are no arguments on that. Thanks to his enormous intellect, he can sometimes get buried in his work, but whenever his friends need his help, Cisco quickly tries to come up with a solution to a problem.

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She’s kind in romantic relationships too – she let Kendra go without lashing out because she realized she needed to find herself. Cisco always does his best for his loved ones, including his girlfriends.

3 Worst: Harrison Wells (some of them)

With the exception of HR, many of the versions of Harrison Wells can be a lot to take in. They are not bad people, but they can be a bit arrogant, or even more arrogant like Sherloque Wells.

They are also emotionally distant and struggle to express themselves. Neither of these traits is very good for a potential romantic relationship.

two Best: Barry Allen

Barry and Iris

Barry’s natural optimism and easy-going personality make him a good choice for dating. The only problem is that Barry faces a lot of dangerous situations as the Flash. On the other hand, so do all team members.

Barry is a devoted boyfriend who fills his girlfriends with attention, as long as being the Flash doesn’t get in his way. Plus, he has an excellent singing voice that would be enough to make anyone swoon.

1 Worst: Savitar

Grant Gustin as the evil Barry Allen aka Savitar in The Flash

Barry Allen could be both the best and the worst boyfriend, depending on which version of him the audience considers.

Savitar was an evil Barry from a future that didn’t happen in the end. He was bitter, angry, violent, and many other nasty things. But one thing that wasn’t good boyfriend material, as he was planning to kill the only woman the original Barry loved more than anything: Iris.

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