If any story familiarizes the public with different definitions of the word “power,” it would be the The Hunger Games. His dystopian society provides fans with images of political and economic positions, from extreme opulence on Capitol Hill to deep poverty in most of the surrounding districts.

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However, the well-known characters of the series have different levels of personal power. This type of force is the way a character sustains himself in society, in the situation he is in, and in terms of how he can lead or not lead. Having more or less emotional power does not imply a person’s financial or social status, but rather self-confidence.

10 Effie

While fans love Effie with all their hearts, she is unfortunately not the most powerful character in the franchise. Her hilariously sassy personality is the perfect drop of humor that viewers need when watching movies, but even though she has a generally higher political status as a Capitol Hunger Games employee, she doesn’t carry on strong enough demeanor.

Sometimes her perfectionism is the obstacle she faces in her potential to be more powerful in front of others. His ability to focus on battle while in District 13 is skewed by his obsession with perfecting his image. While this undoubtedly entertains viewers, it does not strengthen your authority over others.

9 Haymitch

Haymitch may be misunderstood as one of the most powerful characters simply because of his status as a mentor and an adult, but in reality he is not in comparison to the others.

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His alcoholism puts him at a great disadvantage. It weakens his concentration and stamina when dealing with Katniss and Peeta when they seek him out for the required mentorship. He is not a completely lost cause, although he is well aware of who “the real enemy” is as Trapping Fire revealed, however, that he does not have full control over his behavior and actions.

8 Gale

Gale is a true fighter born to be. He stands his ground in battle and can stay calm, not to mention how he bravely saved many lives in District 12 when they were bombed, as well as taking care of Katniss’s family. However, when it comes to his power in a general sense in everyday life, he is surprisingly not one of the strongest characters.

This character is quite reckless and seems unable to fully empathize with others who are close to him. He views every person on the Capitol as an enemy, including Katniss’s makeup kit. His inner anger is what diminishes his power, even though he has such remarkable physical and emotional stamina, as when Thread whips him mercilessly.

7 Peeta

Peeta is initially seen as weaker by some viewers, even those who adore him. However, Peeta experiences remarkable growth due to his participation in the games, and is generally a powerful speaker in front of the public through his humble but fun personality.

First of all, he’s able to reverse the tracker-jacker brainwashing as best he can amid his torture, and then he’s able to get over it for the most part later on at all times. Mockingjay. Second, he is a powerful character overall because he can influence others around him, such as when he convinces the professionals to join him, and when he makes the smart decisions to convince the Capitol audience of his love for Katniss. and your pregnancy. Peeta isn’t the most powerful figure in history due to a slight lack of leadership, but at least he uses his intelligence and empathy to empower himself above the rest at times.

6 Prim

Believe it or not, Prim becomes a generally powerful character throughout the story. She starts out as the so-called little girl and grows into a self-controlled, self-sacrificing young adult.

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Once Prim works as a doctor, she finally ends up risking her life much to Katniss’ dismay. But her empowerment stems from her acceptance of responsibility once her sister (the family’s regular caregiver) left for the 74 Games. She empowers herself throughout all of history and thus rises through the ranks of the most powerful figures.

5 Finnick

Finnick has the power of absolute confidence, whether in front of a crowd or in a fight. However, his confidence is different from others, like Peeta’s. Finnick’s sharp focus is also balanced by his laid-back demeanor, even in the same environment.

This juxtaposition in behavior ultimately enhances his powerful posture. Finnick is able to lead others in games, while also being able to influence television viewers with his effective charm. Capitol viewers obviously swoon for him, but he doesn’t just use his handsome looks as his power. He is also capable of manipulating others with positive or negative intentions with his words.

4 President Snow

President Snow is considered the most powerful and terrifying character of all, but he is not as powerful as everyone sees him in the end. Snow’s controlling and intimidating attitude definitely changes an entire room, much less a country.

Its calm tone scares everyone as it conveys a snake effect. Snow manages to behave like a powerhouse in most of the movies, but he’s not the main contender in terms of who is the most powerful. It really only feeds on his obsession and thirst for revenge, which in turn weakens and blinds him.

3 Joanna

Yes, even above President Snow! Joanna is a truly powerful character. Not only does she overcome the brutal torture that the Capitol abducted her for, but there are additional moments that emphasize just how authoritarian she is.

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First of all, Joanna is completely confident in herself to the point where she casually doffs her costume in front of Katniss, Haymitch, and Peeta in an elevator. This highlights how she doesn’t hesitate to expose herself, in any way. Second, Joanna performs a rarity in Burning fire. She yells at President Snow a threat to “establish [his] Backyard on fire. ”This stuns everyone into silence, thus epitomizing how incredibly powerful she is.

two Katniss

This girl is literally on fire, as all fans know. Being a true hero, Katniss never asks to lead an entire national rebellion against such a high power, but learns to lead through her observant and fearless nature.

Katniss demonstrates her power above most others when she accepts Snow’s word and begins to understand the real threat that President Alma Coin could be. Aside from her self-sacrifice, her ability to learn instructions, and her hunter mentality, Katniss watches Coin and realizes that he will be just as terrible as Snow. Shooting her is Katniss’s statement of power over most others, but she loosens it up a bit by taking her nightly pill to escape what she’s about to face. This is the time when you show weakness because you are trying to escape by purposefully ending your life.

1 Coin

Coin takes home the gold of the most powerful character in this series. Although his presence is not as long as that of other characters, he leaves his mark on the franchise.

Coin has several years of experience operating an entire district hidden underground and was willing to wait for the right moment for District 13 to act against the Capitol. His handling of the situation, his control over battle techniques, and his manipulative behavior are all components of his source of power. Coin uses his power for evil, clearly, as the ending shows his potential to turn worse than President Snow. His vengeful character is not his highest authority over other characters. It is his seemingly kind and empathetic way that is actually a mask on top of his cruel intentions that he hides underneath.

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