Kross Studio presents a limited edition Death Star watch priced at $ 150,000 that uses a real accessory from the Star Wars Rogue One movie.

Swiss company Kross Studio has partnered with LucasFilm to create a limited-edition $ 150,000 Death Star watch.

The Kross Studio 10 Piece Death Star Ultimate Collector’s Set comes with an authentic kyber crystal accessory from the movie. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, as well as a Death Star Tourbillon watch. “True to the narrative of the film, the container protects the precious items inside,” he said. Kross Study in a press release. “The Death Star Tourbillon watch, its set of straps and the kyber crystal are therefore secured in an official reproduction of those famous orange containers used by the Galactic Empire.”

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The set comes with an imperial kyber crystal container designed and assembled, by hand, to look like armored boxes used to transport the crystals in the Star Wars universe. Kross Studio designers built more than 700 pieces, which were also hand-painted to capture the look of the containers from the movies.

The watch containers were also reduced to half the dimensions of those used in the original. Star Wars movie, which also comes with ample storage space that allows fans to save their favorite memories. According to Kross Studio, the container is divided into nine storage units and has three interior sections that secure three removable pods. One of the capsules contains the Death Star Tourbillon watch and the other contains two additional watch straps. The last capsule in the set contains the original accessory from the kyber crystal movie.

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The designers at Kross Studio were tasked with developing a “hand-wound mechanical movement” that captured the “rare mechanical complication” of the Death Star, thus the Death Star Tourbillon watch is subsequently made up of 281 individual components. Its design comes with a peripheral screen that allows the hands to orbit the tourbillon 360 degrees. The watch case is also composed of black DLC coated grade 5 titanium and comes with three interchangeable straps.

The limited edition Death Star Ultimate Collector’s Set is currently for sale on the Kross Studio website with the option for customers to book an electronic meeting to view a full product presentation.

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Source: Kross Study

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