While all are good, some Final Fantasy soundtracks are better than others. And looking back, fans can consider how to rank the OSTs.

the Final Fantasy The franchise is one of the most recognized JRPG series in the world. Contending with people like Shin Megami Tensei Y Dragon Quest, The series is known for its fantastic stories and memorable characters, all of whom grapple with both their own problems and their villains.

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But one of the elements that each game has in common is its soundtracks, which fit the tone of its games in a way that has earned a fan base of its own. However, while they are all good, some soundtracks are better than others. Looking back at the soundtracks of the main games, fans can consider how to rank them.

fifteen Final Fantasy – Classic

Final Fantasy 1 Warrior of Light Artwork

The original Final Fantasy The soundtrack is not bad at all. In fact, as the beginning of a franchise, the soundtrack of this game more than delivers. It offers suitable music that can achieve the adventurous tones of the game while at the same time offering a mood and atmosphere.

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However, it falters as the franchise’s first soundtrack. Over time, the music has improved dramatically with each new entry, which sadly leaves the first soundtrack quite bland in comparison. But it’s a solid soundtrack, especially for its time.

14 Final Fantasy III – Dreamy

Final Fantasy 3 Logo

The soundtrack of Final fantasy iii It seems to be almost an expansion of the first entry. As opposed to the second game in the series that evoked a strong emotional connection thanks to the context of the story, this soundtrack emphasizes more adventurous elements than Final Fantasy is known for. Giving it an almost dreamy tone that helps to absorb players more into the game itself.

13 Final Fantasy XI – Large Scale Orchestral

Due to the larger scale of Final Fantasy XI As a result of being an MMO, the game’s soundtrack offers weight and depth. Powerfully orchestrated, it has emotional elements that contribute to the world of MMOs. Despite the great power, the orchestra also performs in a strong atmosphere. However, while the music is memorable, it is not as catchy or as recognizable as the games that appeared before this title.

12 Final Fantasy II: surprisingly emotional

Despite being the second entry in the franchise, the game’s soundtrack is surprisingly powerful and emotional. Fitting the story darker than Final fantasy ii presented. With several songs that help tension, to the calmer melodies that sound within the villages, he manages to establish an identity in music. This ultimately showed great improvements over the foundation that the first game featured on its soundtrack.

eleven Final Fantasy V – Adventurer

Final Fantasy 5 game shows characters fighting a bird

Similar to the original Final Fantasy Y Final fantasy iii, the musical tone of Final fantasy v take the adventure. Although it could be said that it is perfected thanks to adding touches of emotion despite the energetic tone. Adding weight with the different melodies that sound while adding some lightness. However, what stops the soundtrack compared to others in the series is how it relies on similar bytes of sound and doesn’t have as many punchy tracks as the later inputs.

10 Final Fantasy XIII: Crisp and Clear

Final Fantasy 13 Combat

Possibly one of the most different Final Fantasy soundtracks throughout the franchise, entry number 13 adds a mix of orchestral rhythms with strong acoustics to help sharpen the music. Its clear musical tone allows it to stand out from the others in the series and is one of the game’s highlights. The violin in particular on certain tracks brings the battle theme to life on its own and makes it stick with the musicians.

9 Final Fantasy XII – Dark Epic

final fantasy 12 almost had a different protagonist

One of the most tonally atmospheric soundtracks in the entire franchise, Final Fantasy XII The music is best described as a dark epic. With loud, atmospheric and relaxing music within the villages as it contrasts with the powerful orchestra paired with the conflict of the game. It can best be described as akin to an epic similar to the Star Wars franchise or any other large-scale blockbuster. Perfect for both the world and the characters that inhabit it.

8 Final Fantasy X – Spark of Life

Final Fantasy 10 logo

As befits the first game of the PS2 era, Final fantasy xThe soundtrack is similar to the game in the way it tackles everything in a bold way. Although the music still has tracks similar to its previous entries, it is added with rock music and plays quite well with emotional overtones. All of this together creates a symphony that sets the stage well and takes players into a captivating new world.

7 Final Fantasy VIII – Resonance

Cheats for the PC version of Final Fantasy 8 Remastered

Final Fantasy VIII is one of the games with the greatest emotional resonance in terms of its soundtrack. Although the game has many tracks that go back to its predecessor in terms of intensity, Final Fantasy VIII offers many heartbreaking clues. This is partly due to the game’s focus on being a love story, which makes the game softer in tone. All of which add strength to the overall game.

6 Final Fantasy XV – A New Beginning

final fantasy 15 car sunset

The last game of the Final Fantasy franchise features the classical orchestra the series is known for; with the touch of being cinematographic and in line with Final Fantasy XV. The soundtrack adds intensity with the instruments while adding soft piano music on somber notes. The piano also appears frequently in battle themes to add more color similar to a kingdom hearts clue. Fits well with a new version Final Fantasy.

5 Final Fantasy IV: powerful storytelling

Fight the boss of Demon Wall in Final Fantasy 4

Final fantasy iv is one of the heaviest story games within the franchise and it also has one of the most memorable soundtracks in the franchise. Combining much of the work done in the previous posts, Final fantasy iv it has a strong variety full of smooth and intense slopes. The variety, as well as the different melodies used, allows it to be remembered even with later entries in the series and only rival the best.

4 Final Fantasy XIV: epic on a grand scale

Final Fantasy XIV it’s the current MMO that fans have been loving over the years. With a game as big as Final Fantasy XIV, the soundtrack would ensure it was just as great. Full of melodrama, intense and dark music, Final Fantasy XIV it rises beyond other just scale entries. Its wide scoring ensures that the game will stay with players for years to come.

3 Final Fantasy VII – Iconic

Final Fantasy 7 Remake original comparative cover

Final Fantasy VII is arguably the most iconic entry in the series, as he has his own personal remake and compilation to increase his popularity. This is thanks to the characters and the powerful soundtrack. As a result, in this game there are many amazing scores and memorable clues. All of which added to the atmosphere of Final Fantasy. Possibly the most famous track of all Final Fantasy appears in this game, with “One-Winged Angel” standing out as an all-time classic.

two Final Fantasy VI – Beautiful Symphony

Key art FF6

Final Fantasy VI is considered by many fans possibly the best in the franchise. With an amazing story and developed characters, the world of Final Fantasy VI and his storytelling is unique to fans.

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The soundtrack is no exception, arguably the best in emotional weight. The music fits perfectly into every intricate moment of the game, from sadness to bombast. The World Theme and “Dancing Mad” are absolute masterpieces.

1 Final Fantasy IX: fun and entertaining

Final Fantasy 9 cast

Final Fantasy IX It is the culmination of everything the series had to offer in one package. Prior to Final fantasy x, this is the game that is like the best hits of the series. This is shown by the soundtrack that is not only emotional and atmospheric, but also captures the adventurous spirit that the series was originally known for. Featuring some of the best character themes and unique beats in the game, it stays fresh even years after the game ends.

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