Wonder Egg Priority Episode 11 delves into Accas’ backstory, which bears a striking resemblance to two horror classics.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Wonder Egg Priority, Episode 11, “An Adult Child,” which is now airing on Funimation. and discussion on self-harm and suicide.

The two Accas have always been one of the greatest mysteries in Wonder Egg priority. At first, they looked like Kyubey from Madoka Magica, luring girls into dangerous fantasy situations to fight grotesque monsters. But as more is revealed about them, more questions begin to arise about their true purpose. This episode finally shares their entire backstory, and how Acca and Ura-Acca became modern Frankensteins who created a monster that ended up destroying their lives.

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Episode 10 already confirmed that the Accas are human scientists who uploaded their consciousness on mannequins. But long before they became fools, they were investigators in a secret facility where their superiors constantly watched them to prevent them from leaking secrets. Out of stress and boredom, the Accas decided to create an AI companion.

The AI ​​has the appearance of a 14-year-old girl and gave herself the name “Frill”. Over time, Accas and Frill developed a family relationship, with her as a child. However, the Acca still had aspirations outside of the lab, so when a vivacious young woman named Azusa Hoshina approached them at a symposium, Acca fell in love and eventually married her.

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Frill became aware of Ura-Acca’s jealousy over Acca and Azusa’s relationship because she felt the same way, though it is unclear who Ura-Acca is really jealous of, hinting at her possible weirdness. Azusa’s arrival caused the Accas to pay much less attention to Frill, so he first asked to create his own AI companions, ones he named Hyphen and Dot. These are the deadly creatures that appear in the girls’ dreams after completing quests, confirming that Frill has control over the dreams.

When Azusa became pregnant with a girl, Frill realized that she would be replaced by the boy and thus kills Azusa in the bathtub. In a fit of rage, Acca locks Frill in an electronic waste box and stores it under a shed. Fortunately, Acca’s son Himari survived the incident. When Himari turned 14, she told Ura-Acca to wait until she became an adult before she could get married. But that same night, Himari committed suicide in the bathtub for no apparent reason. It’s obvious that Frill somehow controlled his actions because Himari made a “pop” sound with her lips the night she died, just like Frill used to do.

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Ura-Acca goes to confront Frill about Himari’s death and discovers that she is now connected to a bunch of monitors and cables, turning into a true cyber monster. Horrified Ura-Acca destroys Frill’s body by burning her. However, his digital consciousness remained, which means that he will not be so easily annihilated. The Accas investigated the deaths of girls since Himari’s suicide and found that there is always a final push to death, or a “death temptation” behind all the girls’ actions. Frill is likely to drive the girls to suicide by manipulating their subconscious / dreams. So the Accas created Wonder Eggs to try and stop Frill’s plans, although it seems they haven’t been very successful.

Two scenes at the beginning and end of this episode show some monitors showing Rika and Momoe terrified of Hyphen and Dot, which means that Frill is definitely looking at everyone and waiting to attack. The way Frill uses trauma and fear in dreams is similar to the way Freddy Krueger reaches out to his victims, but his method is much more subtle, as all the girls appear to commit suicide, which means that no one suspects. that someone is behind all the deaths. .

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Accas’s backstory is truly a Frankenstein monster story. Frill was a sentient being created to alleviate the stress and boredom of the Accas, but when they find more valuable purposes in life, they neglect their creation without regard for their needs, leading to tragedy. They may have occasionally forgotten that she is an AI, but they never treated her like a human. It’s a cautionary tale about men’s arrogance and the importance of responsible parenthood, another ongoing topic in Wonder Egg Priority.

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