Almost all the characters looked different in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, due to the change in his representations from Joss Whedon’s version to Snyder’s. Batman looked very different in the original. League of Justice following your turn in Dawn of Justice, but the Snyder Cut has restored much of its characterization.

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Because of this, the two League of Justice the movies have unique versions of the same character in much of the same story. The contrast in personality and traits is evident in more ways than one, so much so that Batman can seem like a completely separate person compared to the original.

10 Do not engage in silly behavior

Batman talks to the Justice League with a serious expression.

Enough moments in League of Justice It ended up being of the cheesy variety but the one who suffered the most from this was Batman. In the original release, he started acting like a fool while failing during his conversations with Aquaman, was looked down upon by Cyborg and The Flash, and made cheesy jokes after he was attacked by Superman.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League he removed this from the Batman character, with the superhero being his signature stoic self and only relaxed enough to bond with his teammates. Even if he had no answers, Batman made sure to mask this to avoid any signs of weakness. In addition, he had an assurance of character that he lacked League of Justice.

9 Have a clear goal in sight

Justice League Snyder Cut Knightmare Batman Ben Affleck

League of JusticeThe flaws had to do with the characters being undecided all the time. Like its leader, Batman stood out more for jumping from one idea to another. Zack Snyder’s Justice League he rectified this by showing Bruce with the goal of Superman’s resurrection in mind the entire time.

He did not stop him despite the reservations of the others and convincingly made them follow the plan as well. This determination is what made his leadership quality shine, as well as justifying his claim to be Gotham’s protector for two decades.

8 Do not attack or make fun of your teammates for their choices

Wonder-Woman-Flash-Batman-Cyborg-and-Aquaman-in-Zack-Snyders-Justice-League everyone watches a simulation

An attempt to make the character more fun in League of Justice it had the side effect of turning him into something of an idiot. Batman openly mocked Wonder Woman’s grief for losing Steve Trevor, mocked Barry’s metabolism, and mocked Aquaman for having a “trident.”

The Batman in this movie respected the backgrounds of his teammates, which was supposed to be the point, since he was the one who had recruited them in the first place. He also didn’t interfere with the lives of others, only asking them to get involved in his goal while staying out of their own business.

7 His will to kill out of malice

Batman and Joker in the Justice League Knightmare

The Batman in League of Justice He was a pacifist compared to the way he was in Dawn of Justice. He had no desire to kill, nor did it seem necessary. In Zack Snyder’s Justice League, his will to finish off his most hated enemy in the Joker was very clear.

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In Knightmare’s future, Batman promised that he would kill Joker as soon as they resolved his situation. There was no need for him to, but this Batman wanted to kill simply for the satisfaction it brought him.

6 Your tendency to control the flow of conversations

Batman was not lurking in the background in this movie, as he had decided to resurrect Superman. While it was more or less the same in League of JusticeBruce didn’t have much to say in the conversations there due to the lack of respect from his teammates.

In Zack Snyder’s Justice LeagueHe had a knack for dominating discussions, being the one who raised the arguments and then had the last word. While he didn’t talk about his teammates, he had the quality of controlling the flow of the conversations and the final decisions on how to handle the Steppenwolf threat.

5 Lack of simple phrases

Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent on the Kent farm at the end of Justice League

While each hero had something memorable to say in the movie, Batman’s words were more directed at the situation rather than having an everlasting quality. League of Justice He had given her several jokes and phrases, but she took a step back.

Bruce didn’t tolerate fools, but he didn’t have any flashy comments to make either. In fact, it helped his character as he was more business-minded than a joke machine.

4 No awkward smile moments

Bruce Wayne smiles at Aquaman

Upon its release, many of the jokes at the Justice League’s expense involved Batman’s strange grin in the film. This was most awkward after Superman’s resurrection, during which he went against his character and smiled like a kid in a candy store. Zack Snyder’s Justice League brought a smoother Bruce Wayne compared to Batman v superman, but he did not completely shed his serious nature.

The only times he was shown smiling was when he had achieved his goal or was acknowledging his teammates. His impassive expressions allowed this Batman to be similar to the future Knightmare, as he was credible as the hardened leader of the insurgents.

3 Don’t openly display fear

Batman Surrounded by Enemies in the Future from Knightmare Cropped

The inclusion of the Knightmare scenario was perhaps the biggest difference from the original. Also in League of JusticeBatman’s apprehension and hesitancy were obvious when he faced people like Superman and even when he was being overwhelmed by the Parademons.

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In Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Batman kept this to a minimum and stayed true to his “Dark Knight” persona. In Knightmare’s future, he claimed that he was dead inside, so he did not show fear openly. While he did show it at times, like when Superman attacked him, it was still subtle compared to League of Justice.

two Trading by faith instead of luck

Bruce Wayne with a small smile

This was actually said out loud by Bruce in the movie, as he told Alfred that he was not going to think rationally and that he would put faith in Superman like others had. In League of JusticeIt wasn’t faith that seemed to drive Bruce as much as guesswork.

In the original, Bruce wasn’t sure what he was planning to do and was making things up as he went along. In the remake, he may not have had all the answers, but he was not shown to be disoriented and confused as he had faith that things would work out.

1 Have a notable attraction to Wonder Woman

Bruce Wayne and Diana look at each other

Zack Snyder’s original plan was to turn Bruce and Diana into a romance, but this potential love story seems to have ended too soon. However, in the remake, the tension between the two is evident, and Bruce’s attraction to her is quite obvious.

This was minimized in League of Justice where the two didn’t have as many interactions. Zack Snyder’s Justice League It left a lot of clues about Bruce’s interest in her, with several scenes in which he cast sideways glances and became uncomfortable when they got too close.

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