Marvel’s Star Trek: Starfleet Academy comics from the 90s turn Starfleet cadet training in the middle of war into a riveting fight.

TO Star trek 90s comic once took an in-depth look at the legendary Starfleet Academy, and it turned out that the cadets’ school life is far more dangerous than fans might have expected. As a training ground for many of Star trekFamous captains, Starfleet Academy has long been a point of interest to both fans and writers of the franchise. A Starfleet Academy spinoff movie was even considered once in the ’80s, as a way of rephrasing Star Trek the original series‘ to emit. Chris Cooper’s 1996 Star Trek: Starfleet Academy The Marvel comic series provided the first real look at the renowned institution, based on some glimpses shown on television during the execution of Star Trek: The Next Generation Y Star Trek: Deep Space 9.

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Set during the last seasons of Deep space 9, Star Trek: Starfleet Academy follows Nog, a Ferengi character from that show, as he begins his tenure at the Academy, joining a group known as the Omega Squad. Nog has a rough introduction to fellow cadet Matthew Decker, who is a descendant of Commodore Decker from the Star Trek the original series episode “The machine at the end of the world”. As the first Ferengi to attend the Academy, Nog is treated with 24th century racism until he is able to earn the respect of his new comrades. Of course, it turns out he’s not the only one, as his squadmates include Pava, an Andorian with a Klingon ex-boyfriend; T’Priell, a Romulan who unknowingly passes himself off as a Vulcan; and Kamilah Goldstein, a human of Jewish and Muslim descent.

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Omega Squad spends much more time off Earth than one would expect from cadets, often attending major events or field trips with little supervision. Throughout the series, they stumble upon some classics COUGH characters like Spock and Captain Pike, as well as some contemporary characters like Boothby, the respected Academy gardener. Since the story takes place during Deep space 9In the Dominion War arc, Omega Squad also gets caught up in that on a few occasions, crossing over to the then running DS9 Y TNG comics and take on the Jem’Hadar. Unsurprisingly, this is well above a cadet’s salary rating, and history has no problem when it comes to that. Cadets suffer serious injuries, such as a broken back, and a student is killed during a mission.

The Dominion War period is certainly not a typical time for the Starfleet Academy, with a severe shortage of personnel and equipment leading cadets to see more action than they should. Still, the Star Trek: Starfleet Academy The comic seems to indicate that Academy training is just as dangerous as serving aboard a starship, giving students an even more acid test than it had appeared on TV shows. With a new cast of mostly original characters, the series was not so limited by the events of the television series, which allowed for some of the daring storylines and interesting plots to grow.

Unfortunately, Starfleet Academy It only received 19 issues before it was canceled, leaving the ongoing Viator story unsolved. Still, the characters were loved enough that Pava doubled over in the Star Trek: Titan novels as a security officer, and Nog returned to Deep space 9 for the remainder of the execution of that program. The carefree and poorly supervised approach that Starfleet Academy leads his cadets can even be reflected in the next Star Trek prodigy series, which is also slated to star in younger characters in the galaxy on its own. While the comic has been slowly forgotten, it is still worth reading. Star Emigrate fans as they wait between seasons.

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  1. How is this forgotten? This was and remains a very popular era of Star Trek comics, and it’s been reprinted in its entirety in recent years by Eaglemoss.

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