When Bridgerton hit Netflix, what all fans could talk about was Simon Basset. There is much to love about this handsome man, but he is also an extremely dynamic character who, of course, is not without its flaws. This period drama has everything from romance to family drama to dueling and dancing, and Simon is at the center of it all.

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For those who can’t get enough of the Duke of Hastings, it’s time to reflect on some of the best traits he brings. However, all fans could admit that there are some qualities that are far from redeeming.

10 Can’t stand: blunt and rough

Bridgerton Daphne and Simon walking by the pond

Simon is quite a reserved person, and that sometimes means that he doesn’t really care what he says when he speaks. He is not afraid to speak his mind and can be a bit abrupt and harsh at times.

When Daphne asks questions or tries to have fun, he can slap her with his words. Fans will never forget when he told her they were never friends. His rough and tough nature is definitely not redemptive.

9 Redeeming: Romantic

Bridgerton Daphne and Simon dancing at the open air dance in the blaze of the fire

Fans can’t get enough of Daphne and Simon. He’s patient with her, and he’s so passionate about her that he makes all the fans ‘burn’. Aside from her lie about having children, she helps Daphne every step of the way throughout her journey.

Simon is committed to his love for her, and anyone would be lucky to have such a committed and romantic partner as Simon. Would definitely sweep any fan off their feet.

8 Can’t stand: arrogant

Bridgerton Anthony and Simon sitting in the gentlemen's club

There is definitely an advantage and a disadvantage to being confident, and arrogance is definitely Simon’s downfall. He certainly thinks he’s above everyone else in town and acts like that when he’s at dances. (Of course, he is literally above most of them, at least in terms of titles and status!)

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She doesn’t need to dance with anyone, in her opinion, and she thinks the social season is utterly ridiculous chaos. Simon thinks it’s as tough as it sounds, which gets him in trouble with Anthony and, well, everyone else.

7 Redeeming: Confident

Bridgerton Simon confessing his love for Daphne to the Queen

As for the advantage of his arrogance, Simon’s confidence is actually quite a redeemable quality. He knows what he wants and he is not going to pretend to be someone to whom he should not appeal to anyone.

Simon is confident in his love for Daphne in front of the queen, and he also shows great pride and confidence when confronting Anthony, or even whenever he talks to him. Simon’s confidence is admirable and he certainly makes fans love him.

6 I can’t stand – grumpy and impatient

Bridgerton Simon sitting on the bed

Simon’s moods change faster than the weather. He is a haunting and mysterious man, but it is mainly because he is not usually in a good mood. Daphne often teases him for his grumpy behavior.

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Also, Simon is impatient and irritable. From wanting to put every ball down ASAP to not having time of the day to talk to anyone else, Simon can definitely be a bit grumpy, which fans really don’t like.

5 Redeeming: Smart

Bridgerton Simon sitting in the gentlemen's club

This character is clearly incredibly smart. You know what people want and what they are thinking, and you are extremely aware of yourself and everyone around you. He’s also super capable when it comes to being a Duke, from finances to resources.

Simon can attend dances and know exactly what is going to happen, and this is something that Daphne finds extremely funny and charming. Of course, fans definitely do, too.

4 Can’t stand: aggressive

Bridgerton Simon in the boxing ring

Simon is definitely guilty of having a short fuse. He has a temper that can lead to aggression. It’s hard to ignore his tense conversations with Anthony or when he beat Nigel to pulp.

His aggression is generally well-intentioned, but he’s certainly unable to control his temper at best. This is a quality that fans wish it could work for, and to be fair, it does.

3 Redeeming: disinterested

Bridgerton Simon waiting for Daphne at her wedding

There are definitely times when Simon is quite selfish, but in general, he only cares about the people around him, especially Daphne. He loves her deeply, but still refuses to marry her for her own good.

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Daphne surely doesn’t take this as a compliment, but he really did have his best life in mind. His intentions are pure and he would do anything for the people he cares about.

two Can’t stand: evasive

Bridgerton Simon and Daphne posing for their portrait

This trait is probably the biggest that fans really can’t stand. Simon is certainly mysterious, but he’s almost annoying. It is impossible to read and even more difficult to open.

When Daphne finally discovers the letters he sent to his father as a child, it becomes even clearer how much he does not open, even with his wife whom he loves. Simon avoids feelings, especially when it comes to sharing them. His evasive behavior is definitely frustrating.

1 Redeeming: Brave

Bridgerton Simon holding gun in his duel with Anthony

One of Simon’s most redeeming qualities is probably his bravery. He’s genuinely himself, and while he may be a bit quiet and reserved, he still knows when to take a chance.

He was brave with Daphne and let his passion guide his actions. He was also brave in his duel with Anthony, and he was not afraid to defend himself or Daphne. This brave character is definitely admirable.

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