The magic side of the MCU was introduced with Strange doctor The origin story explored how the arrogant surgeon Stephen Strange began his journey to become the Supreme Sorcerer. Benedict Cumberbatch was another worthy hero to add to the MCU roster and there were plenty of memorable supporting characters, both allies and enemies.

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As with most MCU projects, the characters are what makes Doctor Strange such a fun journey. While some are short-lived appearances, others are just beginning their journey in this franchise. In all cases, their first and last lines of dialogue can say a lot about them.

9 Dormammu

Dormammu the dark dimension

“You have come to die. Your world is now my world, like all worlds.” – “What do you want?”

When Strange arrives in the Dark Dimension to negotiate with Dormammu, the evil lord shows that he has no intention of negotiating and quickly kills Strange. After Strange traps himself and Dormammu in a time loop, Dormammu has no choice but to make a deal with Strange.

The first and last lines show how quickly Strange goes from being an insignificant threat to Dormammu to someone by whom Dormammu is defeated. Dormammu’s powerful confidence quickly wears off and is replaced by reluctant submission.

8 Dr. West

“Organ harvesting. He’s a donor.” – “This is not the time to show off, Strange.”

As Christine tries to save one of her seriously injured patients, Dr. West has already given up on the patient and is ready to remove his organs. During a risky surgery, Strange decides to go show hands, which West says is unnecessarily arrogant.

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Both lines show the difference between West and Strange as doctors. West is a more down-to-earth and down-to-earth man, sometimes to the point of failure. But his objection to Strange showing himself is fair, even if Strange manages to pull it off in the end.

7 Pangborn

Stephen Strange visits Jonathan Pangborn while playing basketball to ask how he healed himself

“Who are you?” – “Why are you doing this?”

After learning that a man named Pangborn has recovered from equally severe nerve damage, Strange searches for Pangborn, who seems to be wary of this stranger. During the post-credit scene, Mordo visits Pangborn and takes away his magic.

Pangborn’s first line might suggest that he half expects someone to come to him with questions about his miraculous recovery. This could also lead to his bottom line, as Mordo finally comes looking for him and fulfills Pangborn’s earlier fear.

6 Wong

Interview with Benedict Wong - Doctor Strange

“Mr. Strange.” – “We must be prepared.”

As Strange continues his training at Kamar Taj, he is introduced to one of his most dedicated sorcerers, Wong. After the Elder’s death, Wong knows there will be more to challenge his reality and warns Strange that they must be prepared.

Wong establishes himself as a very serious man with his first line while also showing that Strange will have to work hard to earn his respect. In the end, Wong has seen Strange’s potential and is ready to fight alongside him in the battles to come.

5 Christine

“GWS”. – “Stranger way.”

Christine is presented to the hospital while trying to save a patient who has suffered a gunshot wound. Strange finally realizes that despite not being a surgeon, he can still help people in this new way as a sorcerer, which Christine recognizes is a weirder way.

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Christine’s first line shows her as a professional and focused doctor concerned with helping people. Her last line is a good way to help Strange accept his new role, even as she tries to understand the insanity of it all.

4 Kaecilius

“Hypocrite!” – “What is this?”

After stealing information about the Dark Dimension, Kaecilius and his followers confront the Elder, whom he angrily calls a hypocrite. After making his deal with Dormammu, Strange returns to Earth and Kaecilius realizes that he has been defeated when he becomes a mindless slave in the Dark Dimension.

Kaecilius’ first line is the first indication that the Elder might be a more complicated hero than he appears. His last line is simply realizing that he was wrong all along and that he has lost.

3 Mordo

“Are you looking for Kamar Taj?” – “Too many wizards.”

Mordo is introduced as he saves Strange from a group of thieves, then helps him guide him to the Kamar Taj that Strange has been searching for. After taking away Pabgborn’s powers, Mordo reveals his new philosophy that there are too many wizards and he must eliminate some of them.

His first line shows Mordo sympathizing with Strange, perhaps seeming something of himself in Strange. In the end, all his sympathies are gone and Mordo is on a dark mission that will likely make him Strange’s enemy in the future.

two The old man

“Master Kaecilius. That ritual will only bring you pain.” – “You would think that after all this time I would be ready. But look at me … stretching me a moment in a thousand, just so I can see the snow.”

The film begins with the Elder confronting his former student Kaecilius and warning him of the path he is embarking on. As his body lies dying on the operating table, the Elder’s astral projection goes outside to watch the snowfall and slow down time while he waits to die.

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With his first line, the Ancient One shows that he would rather help Kaecilius see the error in his ways rather than fight him. His final line is a poignant moment as this being who has been around for many lifetimes admits that he still fears death.

1 Strange doctor

Doctor Strange Writer Jokes Is Writing Cats 2-2

“Challenge round, Billy.” – “We will be ready”.

While in the middle of an operation, Strange plays with one of his fellow doctors, guessing the names of the songs. After defeating Dormammu and Kaecilius, Strange assures Wong that they will be ready for whatever threats come next.

Strange immediately shows his arrogance while showing off during a complicated surgery. At the end of the film, he still has that arrogance while showing heroic confidence in protecting the universe from what may come next.

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