While the Avengers and the X-Men were grappling with the fate of their reality, Deadpool had to face an even greater challenge: changing a diaper.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for “Baby’s First Cable” by Skottie Young, Aaron Conley and Jean-François Beaulieu on Nerdy 30 from Deadpool, on sale now.

House of M It has been one of the most shocking events in Marvel history. While the story primarily affected the X-Men and the Avengers, the reverberations of the Scarlet Witch’s collapse were felt throughout the Marvel Universe.

Two characters who felt the effects firsthand were none other than Merc with a Mouth and Askani Son, Deadpool, and Cable. Although they were not directly involved in the event, they could not avoid suffering its repercussions on the pages of Cable and Deadpool.

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During the “Enema of the State” storyline, Deadpool, while brainwashed by a villainous intelligence agent known as Black Box, was tasked with assassinating a lost Cable, who was thought to have died in battle with a known threat. like Skornn. Not believing that his friend and goal was truly gone, Deadpool, along with his former love Siryn and Cannonball, travel to alternate timelines in search of the real Nathan Summers. After visiting all kinds of worlds, including a world in which Cable is one of the horsemen of Apocalypse, Deadpool arrives on a nondescript farm and encounters a baby Cable in the care of Mister Sinister in Cable and Deadpool # 17 by Fabian Nicieza, Patrick Zircher and M3th from Udon.

Not knowing that they are actually in the timeline of their home that was altered by the Scarlet Witch during Brian Michael Bendis, Olivier Coipel, and Tim Townsend. House of M, Deadpool, Siryn, and Cannonball play alongside the surprisingly hospitable Sinister who claims to have genetically engineered this baby Nathan. The mad geneticist is more curious about heroes than anything else, even trying to drug them at dinner so he can study their unique genetics.

Suspicious of this new world, Cannonball and Siryn go off to see the other X-Men in Westchester while Deadpool stays with Sinister and baby Cable. Wade refuses to leave Cable in the hands of Sinister to grow up under the mad geneticist’s schemes, especially after Sinister reveals his intentions to use Nate to wipe out the rest of humanity as a savior from mutants. As Wade fights for his friend, Sinister uses Deadpool’s DNA to accelerate Nate’s growth, causing Cable to develop his telekinetic abilities from the cradle. With his newfound powers, Nate helps Deadpool against his creator, allowing Deadpool to take over the baby before teleporting out of this altered reality as the timeline begins to be restored.

This wouldn’t be the last time the duo’s time travel antics lead to babysitting. The story of “Baby’s First Cable” by Skottie Young, Aaron Conley and Jean-François Beaulieu, found in the Deadpool Nerdy 30 special anniversary plays with similar themes.

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In the tale, a childhood Wade Wilson is celebrating his first birthday with his family, only for his old friend Cable to arrive from the future with a mission to save the world from what will become Wade. Before he can act, another Cable arrives to save the future by saving Wade. One thing leads to another, and another Cable arrives with a mission to save the future, only for baby Wade to steal one of his grenades and blow up the house with everyone inside. Dozens of other cables arrive, including the current teenage version of Nathan, before they unknowingly leave Wade in the rubble.

Both stories show how, regardless of the time period, Cable and Deadpool are inexplicably linked. Not surprising since Deadpool’s first appearance was on a mission to kill Cable in New mutants # 98 by Rob Liefeld, Fabian Nicieza and Joe Rosen. While the two may be radically different from each other, they are a fan favorite couple for a reason. And while they may be flying off each other right now, it’s only a matter of time before they find their way back together.

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