Cyborg was practically eliminated from Joss Whedon. League of Justice, but in Zack Snyder’s version, he is the heart and soul of the entire team. Ray Fisher’s Cyborg excels at Zack Snyder’s Justice League (ZSJL), with his character developed and the important details finally coming to the screen. ZSJL it was a huge improvement on Whedon’s version, and Cyborg was one of the main reasons for its success.

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Ray Fisher’s allegations against Joss Whedon and other Warner Brothers bigwigs remain a hot topic, but at the very least, his character was definitely done a disservice in 2017. League of Justice. It was nice to have a real backstory for Victor Stone and Snyder put together a beautiful arc for the character, which Ray Fisher played beautifully. There are still many questions to be answered, but there are many reasons why the Cyborg was saved in ZSJL.

10 His relationship with his father, Silas Stone

cyborg silas stone justice league

To say that Victor Stone, also known as Cyborg, has a strained relationship with his father would be an understatement. His father, Silas, is the chief scientist at Star Labs and worked on Superman’s crashed ship. He studied alien technology and used a Mother Box to bring Victor back to life. Victor, who blames his father for his mother’s death, begins the movie trapped in his father’s apartment and upset that his father turned him into a machine. Silas tries to explain that turning him into a cyborg was the only way Victor could stay alive. Finally, Silas allows Victor and the Justice League to sneak into the alien ship and gives them time to revive Superman. In a heartbreaking scene, Silas sacrifices himself to show where Steppenwolf’s base is, redeeming himself in the eyes of his son.

9 Your good heart shines through

cyborg star labs justice league

Comic book readers already knew that Cyborg is not only a great hero, but he is also a good man. Unfortunately, Cyborg in Joss Whedon was not fully understood by casual viewers League of Justice, because its role was significantly reduced. Although at first he is angry with his father, he listens to his recordings and tries to understand what he really is.

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While learning about his capabilities, Victor meets a single mother who is a hard worker, but cannot get ahead of her bills and rent. She barely makes any money as a waitress and is being evicted from her apartment. Victor uses his newfound powers to add a lot of money to his account, proving that he may be half a machine, but he still has a good heart.

8 Bonding with the Justice League, especially Barry and Diana

cyborg flash wonder woman zsjl

Cyborg is highly respected and admired by his fellow heroes in the comics, so it was nice to see their relationships come to fruition in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Perhaps a bit distant at first, Victor finally decides to help the team, which began with his talk with Diana. She knows that he has been through a lot, but that now he has abilities and should use them forever. He also has a strong bond with Barry, with whom he is closest in age, and shares a fist bump after defeating Steppenwolf. Cyborg also shares some really nice scenes with Aquaman and Batman later in the movie, including Batman telling Cyborg that he was born to fly. It clearly became the heart of the Justice League and connected the group in more ways than one.

7 He’s alive in the future of Knightmare

cyborg knightmare justice league

Batman’s Knightmare sequence is explored in depth at ZSJL, with Cyborg being one of the few still alive and assisting Batman in his fight against Darkseid and the evil Superman. As Batman says, “sure”, Cyborg comes out of the shadows along with Mera, Barry and Deathstroke. Eventually the Joker makes his presence felt as well, but something seems a bit odd about Cyborg.

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Perhaps you know what to expect because you saw that vision when you logged into the Mother Box. He is also shown with a sheet over him and carrying something in a large case, which many think could be part of the cosmic treadmill. Eventually the evil Superman locates the group and Cyborg says, “He found us.” Cyborg pulls the sheet off to expose a huge pistol stuck to his body, but also that large case (which is unfortunately not open). Readying his weapons to fight, Cyborg’s fear on his face told a better story than any word.

6 His football career and his school life

cyborg victor stone justice league

It was great to see Victor play soccer for Gotham City University and get the “win” for his team. The entire sequence was beautifully shot, with the snow falling during the game, and showed Victor’s passion for success. An earlier scene with his mother and the dean of GCU explains that Victor hacked into the school system to change his friend’s grades because she lost her entire family and couldn’t study. From this sequence it was clear that Victor not only strived to be an outstanding athlete, but that he cared about the people around him and would do anything to help them. That was a trait that would make him a great hero later in the movie.

5 His bond with his mom and his accident

cyborg mom justice league

The relationship between Victor and his mother was another beautiful but tragic moment during the film. His mom truly believed in him as a student and as an athlete, but even more as a human being. In the aforementioned scene with his mother and the dean, Victor’s mother is proud to have helped her friend who was in mourning. She knew the school or the dean wouldn’t help her, so he took it into his own hands. The emotion on Victor’s mother’s face when she scores the touchdown is great, as she cries tears of joy and is proud. Although his father didn’t play the game, his mother tried to tell him that Silas has a hard time showing that he cares and that he is always busy. Sadly, as their mother explains this, another car hits them, kills her, and changes Victor forever.

4 Unlimited power and crazy technology

cyborg power justice league

Cyborg’s power was surpassed in 2017 League of Justice to see him harness his powers in ZSJL It was incredible. The fact that it can talk to any type of machine and has technology light years ahead of what’s available these days proved its limitless power. Cyborg may not have the strength of Wonder Woman or Superman, but she is still very strong and has the potential to hack any kind of technology.

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His father tells him that his abilities will allow him to control nuclear missiles or change anyone’s finances, saying that it will be as simple as a “child’s toy”. Cyborg also has amazing weapons that he can make from his machine parts and he even has a defense system, which turns on as Superman scans his body. His super strength, along with the ability to control other machines and fly, made him a true player in a team full of gods.

3 Your connection to the motherboard

cyborg mother box justice league

Mother Boxes turned out to be really cool MacGuffins in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, with Cyborg’s connection to them being explored in depth. After Victor’s accident, Silas harnessed the power of the Mother Boxes to keep his son alive and gave him new powers in the process. Keeping the Mother Box and Victor hidden in his apartment, Silas constantly works to learn about his son’s new skills. Eventually, Cyborg successfully connects to the alien ship and the Mother Box, bringing Superman back to life, but sees a future world where Darkseid has burned everything to the ground. Victor is able to break the unity of the Mother Boxes, preventing Darkseid from coming to Earth … for the time being.

two He has some of the best quotes in the movie.

cyborg batman justice league

There’s usually not a lot of humor in the DCEU, but there were still some funny moments throughout the movie. Every member of the Justice League has at least one moment of humor, but it was Cyborg’s dry humor that really stood out. When Barry asks Victor about Wonder Woman that he likes a younger boy, Victor responds perfectly with, “He’s 5,000 years old, Barry … every boy is a younger boy.” Then later when Diana says, “Let’s get dressed,” Victor unzips his sweatshirt and says, “I’m always dressed.” At the very least, they are much better than just “Boo-Yeah”.

1 Acting performance of Ray Fisher

cyborg ray fisher justice league

It’s a shame Ray Fisher was treated unfairly on the set of Joss Whedon League of Justice because his performance in ZSJL it was perfect. Cyborg is a complex character, and the movie needed an actor who could be dramatic, funny, tough, smart, and full of heart. Fisher’s reach really showed, as he went from being an angry machine at first to a personable person and a full-blown superhero in the end. He could make anyone laugh with his quick phrases, raise his fist when fighting Steppenwolf, or cry when losing his parents. Ray Fisher deserves a lot of credit for the excellent reviews of Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

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