Monster Hunter Rise has removed all the annoyances of the older entries in the series, creating one of the best games on Nintendo Switch.

Monster hunter rise is an action role-playing game for the Nintendo Switch developed and published by Capcom. This game marks a new era of greatness for the series, as the frustrating elements of the old Monster hunter The games have been eliminated, resulting in the best entry in the franchise to date.

The story of Monster hunter rise Follow the player-controlled hunter, who lives in the rural village of Kumura. The town is always under threat of being destroyed by giant monsters that roam the earth, but a new catastrophe of old has returned. An event called “The Rampage” threatens to send a horde of monsters to tear the village of Kumura apart. The player not only needs to face giant monsters on the field, but must participate in new Rampage missions, where he must build facilities and protect the village of Kumura from waves of monsters.

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All the narrative elements mentioned above are just a flexible framework for fighting giant monsters with teams of up to four hunters. Monster hunter rise has the same action-focused gameplay as its predecessors. The main character’s abilities are tied to his weapons and armor, which can only be created using resources taken from slain monsters. The main game loop is the same, but the new additions to the formula in Monster hunter rise They have dramatically improved the experience, starting with a mechanic that greatly innovates the movement.

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Battle of Monster Hunter Rise Azuros

The biggest novelty of Monster hunter rise They are Wirebugs. The player can use them to launch the hunter into the air, climb cliffs, jump over buildings, or throw them away from monsters. The level of verticality and speed that Wirebugs offer is revolutionary. The hunters in the Monster hunter series are constantly outmatched by monsters, especially since players cannot cancel moves when their animation begins. In Monster Hunter Rise, Hunters can now quickly escape danger or explore hidden parts of the map. It’s also easier to get back into the fray, especially for hunters with slow, bulky weapons.

Wirebugs also have a secondary use, as each weapon now has Silkbind attacks, integrating Wirebugs into new super moves. These add much-needed variety to the hunter’s arsenal, especially the more basic types of weapons such as the Great Sword and the Hammer. Wirebug / Silkbind attacks make the experience of exploring levels and fighting monsters more enjoyable than ever. It is now also possible to use Wirebugs to ride on the back of monsters, allowing players to temporarily force monsters to fight each other. These montage moments give players the opportunity to use the special moves possessed by the iconic giants that roam the world. Monster hunter universe.

The other great addition in Monster hunter rise they are Palamutes. These are huge dogs that can be used as mounts. Palamutes can run across the battlefield, climb vines, and attack monsters. The hunter can also use items while riding a Palamute, allowing players to heal / sharpen their weapons without stopping, so the pace of the hunt should never slow down. The only problem with Palamutes is that they make the other Monster hunter pets (Palico cats) almost redundant. The benefits of the Palamute far outweigh the Palico, which will likely only be seen in single player mode for this reason, as players can only bring one partner in multiplayer hunts.

Monster Hunter Rise hunter and Palamute posing

The main trick of Monster hunter rise are the missions of Rampage. These use elements of tower defense games, where players have a limited amount of time to create defensive installations in front of the gates, before groups of monsters come charging in waves. These include things like bombs, villagers wielding cannons, special NPC-based elite units from the village, and even crossbows that can be wielded by the player. The fortress levels up as more monsters are defeated, meaning that players will gain access to stronger units as the Rampage progresses. The game does not explain the mechanics of Rampage missions well, but it will not take long for players to absorb them. Once mastered, Rampage missions are a lot of fun and add some variety to the standard mission types.

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By far the biggest improvement to the Monster hunter formula in Monster hunter rise it is multiplayer. The old games in the series were subject to ridiculous restrictions that made it difficult to enjoy them with friends. They are all gone. Hunting with friends and strangers has never been easier. It is possible to fall into hunts that are in progress, even if they are nearing their conclusion. Players no longer need to start urgent missions for them to count towards progression, so people playing with friends through story mode will never have to repeat missions. the Monster hunter world The layout that forced players to watch a scene on their own is thankfully now gone. Players can enjoy multiplayer at their own pace and can instantly jump into the hunts, no need to sit in lobbies, waiting for new players to fill up.

The tent at the base camp has also been improved in a way that reduces the preparation time before the hunts. Players can now access their Item Box from the Store, as well as eat after the hunt has started. All it took was a lapse of concentration in older games to drastically reduce a team’s chances of victory, as a player without the stat benefit of a meal or a full load of items was much more likely to die. . In Monster Hunter Rise, All of these setup items can be done after the quest has started, meaning that players can spend even less time playing in the lobby.

Monster Hunter Rise Kamura Village Party

In terms of images, Monster hunter rise is somewhere between Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Y Monster Hunter World. The game was never going to look as good as Monster Hunter World, but it still looks good on the Switch, even if the animations of the smaller monsters / Palamutes are affected during the busiest hunts. This is the most important element of the game that could have been improved, but it is more than useful, while the rest of the title shines.

This is the game that he Monster hunter the franchise should have been all the time. The annoying parts of the experience that were preserved due to tradition have finally been removed, leaving a polished and enjoyable experience for newcomers that will make longtime fans equally happy. Monster hunter rise is Monster hunter at its finest.

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Monster hunter rise It is available now for Nintendo Switch. A PC version is currently in development, with a release planned for 2022. A digital copy of the Nintendo Switch version of the game was provided to Screen Rant for the purposes of this review.

Our rating:

5 of 5 (masterpiece)

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